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A summarized bus hire Cape Town guide when planning your bus tours to the Western Cape

Tour Groups traveling to Cape Town in the Western Cape, are always in need of bus hire services. Mostly, their coach tour needs are for luxury coach hire or minibus rental vehicles. Keep in mind, Cape Town is quite a busy tourist hot spot, as we’ve seen over the past 20 years. Evidently, travel agents working with buses and coach companies in the Western Cape, have become so busy with bookings. Having said that, we know the ins and outs of the Cape Town tourism industry. Therefore, we provide all sorts of coach hire services for many occasions for Customers looking to hire a bus.

We cover all your group shuttle services in Cape Town and charter bus transport needs. Receive prompt bus hire quotes

Indeed, when you want to hire a bus or minibus in Cape Town, surely you want to tick that aspect off your tour planning to do list. Having said that, when you’re implementing your tour plan your time is limited. Additionally, you want the best coaches available at the tour best rental prices. As a matter of fact, we understand that you need to quickly source and book your tour bus rental. Subsequently, we make this happen, and put you at ease when you book with us, and ensure you enjoy a hassle free tour.

Enjoy a stress-free luxury tour bus rental service

On the whole, travel and tour agents or private individuals have much to consider while their transportation service are operating.  Therefore, we are available to our clients for early morning and late night calls to attend to any tour amendments or emergencies. Admittedly, being available for Customers 24/7 searching for busses to rent, and actually delivering that is stellar service. On the contrary, not providing that support is absolutely disappointing. We support our customers no matter what.

Built In Guarantees

Regardless, we ensure you receive an end to end luxury coach charter service from hello to goodbye. In summary, we instill confidence through our expertise, experience and service. You enjoy the benefits as follows:

  • Modern, neat and clean luxury coaches always provided

  • Trained and experienced tour drivers with defensive driving skills

  • Maintained and mechanically sounds touring buses

  • Airport toll and general parking fees provided

  • Affordable bus hire quotes promptly provided

  • Providing flexibility for your costsaver tours

  • Not forgetting, you can enjoy a professionally managed luxury shuttle service

To be honest, from start to finish, we work hard and diligently behind the scenes to ensure you have a stress-free tour.

Busses to Rent.

    "Customers expect a great charter bus service. They deserve nothing less. We are privileged to serve them. Period."

    Cape Town coach hire for all Groups

    Tour Bus Luxury Hire

    Semi-Luxury Coach Rentals

    Minibuses for Hire

    Tour Cape Town in Comfort

    Luxury Bus Hire Cape Town

    Firstly, the luxury coach charter vehicles ranges from small, medium to large in size. To explain, the small sized luxury bus charters are the 17 seater and 19/21 seater luxury coaches. These vehicles have 90% touring specification, in that they lack onboard emergency toilets.Yet, these minibus coaches remain an affordable option for your bus charter service.

    On the positive side, these coaches are ideal for small tour groups ranging from 13 to 20 Passengers. These minibus luxury coaches have reclining seats with armrests and seat belts. Not forgetting, air-conditioning (and heater), an onboard refrigerator and music entertainment center. Worth mentioning, it is priced to absorb most coach hire tour budgets for Cape Town.

    On the other hand, the medium to large luxury coach rental options include the 30 seater, 32 seater, 39 seater and 53/56 seater luxury coaches. These include all the luxury touring features necessary for comfortable coach touring for local and long distance traveling.

    Tour Cape Town in Comfort

    Minibus Hire with Driver Cape Town

    Essentially, the small tour groups love touring in a luxury minibus. To illustrate, the minibus tours we’ve operated usually had Passenger numbers ranging from 10 up to 21 Tourists. Moreover, they have such an amazing tour each time, since the coach is compact, yet luxurious. Most importantly, our minibus rental services includes a professional Tour Driver at all times. On the positive side, our international tour groups are in the good capable hands of an experienced Tour Driver. In the first place, Travelers want to sit back, relax and enjoy their tour experience. Be sure to request our minibus rental with Driver in Cape Town for your next small group tour.

    Ensure accurate details

    Ensure that these important aspects are included with your tour bus rental Cape Town Passenger transportation services. It is important when requesting bus hire quotes

    The first thing to remember, is that when you are booking bus transportation services in Cape Town, Western Cape you automatically have high expectations. Specifically, you require that the bus company provides an above average service. Frequently, there are incidences whereby what is promised is not delivered. So, to avoid disappointment, take the time to check-up that the shuttle-bus company provides the following.

    Is the charter bus service company great at selling tours, but not at service delivery?

    On the positive side, glossy brochures and expensive business cards are effective and great. On the negative side, does the charter bus services of that bus company offer a glossy or great service? Having said that, great tour selling does not mean excellent tour services.

    Does the shuttle bus companies offer late-model buses?

    Firstly, an old model tour-bus is not a problem if it is mechanically sound, neat and tidy. But, it is a big problem if it is problematic and has not been maintained. To put it another way, you don’t want to be unsure about your safety when you see an old model coach. By all means, private bus companies should have at least 75% of the buses as new or late-models.

    Trustworthiness and dependability: important pillars that all bus companies should embody for their Cape Town tourist bus services

    Chiefly, coach operators should lend a sense of trustworthiness and reliability in Customers. With this in mind, tourists on a group bus should not become anxious or worry. By all means, the Passenger coach must show up effortlessly to render the tour itinerary. Therefore, if tour groups cannot depend on the coach operator, they have no assurance really.

    Professionalism is non-negotiable when you a hire a coach

    Ultimately, professionalism is the key differentiator in what we do. Moreover, charter companies can have the most luxurious executive coach. But, if they do not embody professionalism, it means nothing. In fact, we have received tour groups who has moved coach companies as a result of unprofessional services. In brief, no professionalism means no tour success.

    Passenger safety is vitally important when deciding which coach to rent

    Notably, passenger safety is everything. To put it differently, without the safety of our Passengers, there is NO tour. Further to this, we take this responsibility seriously in the interest of the tour group.

    Do the tour buses undergo rigorous maintenance checks on a regular basis?

    Most importantly, before a coach or a fleet of buses are dispatched for charter service, a high-level check is to be done by the tour driver. Even so, the thorough maintenance check is done once a tour is completed. In other words, if a defect is discovered it is immediately taken into account and scheduled for urgent remedial repairs. In so doing, the coach is prepared for the next tour itinerary.

    Once you are aboard the tour coach, your comfort should be top priority

    Evidently, the lack of comfort can make or break a tour. To demonstrate, an uncomfortable tour experience makes for a grumpy Passenger. Furthermore, aspects like a faulty air-conditioning unit or a smelly tour bus, removes the enjoyment from a tour. As a rule, the tour bus company should have protocols and processes in place, which mitigate any hindrances to comfort and safety.

    Are the tour bus drivers courteous? They should be, since all tour busses are to be operated by professionals

    On the positive side, to be courteous is to solve 80% of the problem. For example, oftentimes a tour group only wants a great late-model tour bus. They don’t care about what the tour drivers’ attitude is. To explain, for that type of bus charters Customer, we have failed to meet their expectations. But, a courteous tour driver is able is able to bridge the gap between a disappointment and a successful tour. We believe in being courteous in all circumstances.

    Overall, a tour bus rental service must operate smoothly

    It must be remembered, when chartering a coach you should not wonder whether your service will operate smoothly. In fact, once you book and confirm your tour coach or mini-coach, you should not worry about anything further. All elements of a bus trip including the tour driver and the luxury coach must be covered. Most importantly, the best bus companies should include everything in their bus hire quotes pertaining to the tour. Finally, especially when you choose a bus rental Cape Town service, you will need an experienced Tour Driver who knows the city well.

    Quick and Easy Transfers

    Single one way minibus hire trips which bus tour agencies love to use. This is the ideal Cape Town tourist bus choice for small groups

    Overall, we provide service to small tour groups. To clarify, the minibus hire option is considered a fantastic choice for a small of passengers. In fact, we have operated local and long distance tours in these compact yet spacious tour vehicles. Furthermore, this specialized small group tourist minibus is popular among corporate businesses, family groups and professional conference organizers for site and technical tours and single trip shuttles. Worth mentioning, that this minibus is the ideal small group Cape Town tourist bus.

    The cheapest minibus hire prices around Cape Town for any endless shuttle event charter services

    Considering, that Cape Town’s main tourist attractions are within close proximity to each other. Surprisingly, when you need to charter a minibus, the 22 seater Mercedes Benz sprinter touring coach is a great option. Moreover, the bus hire rates for these vehicles are affordable. Mostly, tour groups choose to hire a minibus for all of their tour days. But, on the odd occasion they do have a standing day in either Knysna or George. Simply, they just need a day to rest. However, single one way minibus transfers to various destinations are within budget. It is considered one of the cheap bus hire Cape Town options available.

    Safety and reliability is pivotal for any Cape Town tourist bus service

    Unquestionably, the luxury touring minibus vehicles are both safe and reliable. Not to mention, passengers should fee secure and confident in the tour drivers’ experience and defensive driving techniques. These coaches are mechanically serviced on a regular basis to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience for our passengers.

    Cape Town has great tour destinations

    Consider these following top 4 bus hire tour categories for your luxury shuttle service. An absolute must see on your first visit to the Mother City.

    Bus and coach hire to Cape Towns’ most loved and prized sightseeing locations

    Although, Cape Town is steeped in history and rich in culture, and as a tourist you can get a taste of everything, if you plan well. Furthermore, we operated numerous itineraries over the years, and as such developed valuable experience. Subsequently, we advise and assist with traveling time questions, pitfalls or best route suggestions. Clients want to  feel secure, so we prepare and plan well to deliver above expectation.

    Cape Town: coach and bus tours in the Mother City

    Notably, the Mother City, as Cape Town is fondly known, is always buzzing with luxury coaches and buses and tourists on walking tours. Moreover, seeing tourists being gathered like sheep by the Guides before entering the museum, is wonderful to see. Evidently, Cape Town Inner City is ideal for a walking tour, but venturing out requires comfortable Passenger transportation.

    Experience the greater Cape Peninsula by chartering a private hire luxury coach

    To be honest, we’ve operated literally, thousands of Cape Peninsula tours over the years. In fact, we provided bus hire packaged tours to countless groups from a variety of countries. We’ve catered for Finnish tour groups, French, bus passengers from Germany, England, USA, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and much more. Basically, in an amusing way, it seems bus and coach hire services is quite the universal language. However, the Cape Peninsula tour is an iconic experience, and always has tour buses and minibuses en route to and from the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

    Visit the memorable Winelands

    To explain, when booking your bus hire to the Winelands the benefits outweigh the costs. At the same time, tour groups can experience the iconic Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl Wine Estates.

    Coach rental for your cultural township tour

    To differentiate, touring the township of Cape Town, namely Gugulethu and Langa to mention these two, tourists can see the vast contrast between rich and poor in South Africa. In summary, these townships are steeped in history, and culturally rich. Groups tours to these wine estates are quite popular, and an efficient way to get your clients and delegates to the venue on time.

    Best Coach Choices Among Shuttle Bus Companies

    Best coaches and bus charters for conference and events shuttle services in Cape Town or George.

    We look at the best bus and coach choices for various occasions. For example, certain venues like restaurants have limited parking available, or are situated in a narrow street. Most importantly, this must be taken into account. So, here are some bus service options for conference and events shuttles as follows.

    Best Bus Hire Options for Shuttle and Transfer Services

    Cape Town

    Airport Transfers

    Depending on the various flight arrivals, the grouping method works best. A great saving on bus hire rates for your event. Smaller airport shuttle vehicles works best.

    Return Dinner Transfer

    Usually requires the larger coaches to dinner venue. The 13, 17, 21 and 28 seater vehicles are advisable for return to the hotels as departures are staggered.

    Site and Technical Tours

    The technical tours duing the conference week requires vehicles departing simultaneously on different routes and to various destinations. It requires great attention to detail and specialized transport planning. The bus rental options above are the most booked we have seen over the years.

    Compact and Cost-Effective

    Bus and coach hire vehicle selections in Cape Town. Ideal for endless shuttles and event charters and cost saver tours. Our bus hire quotes cover a vast selection of luxury coaches

    Considering this, your tour groups require flexibility, variety and easy coach hire options. Moreover, we understand this is important since you have so many aspects of your tour to finalize. So, here is a quick list of vehicles suitable to carry a broad number of tour passengers. Perfect for you endless shuttles event charter plans and cost saver tours.

    • 7 – 9 seater luxury minivan vehicles
    • 10 – 14 seater touring minivans
    • 15 – 22 seater luxury minibuses
    • 15 – 22 seater semi-luxury minibuses
    • 22 – 28 seater midi luxury touring coaches

    Important bus operational note:
    Complimentary trailers are provided on airport arrivals/departures and overland trips

    • 28 – 32 seater full luxury touring coaches
    • 34 – 39 seater full luxury touring coaches
    • 44 – 52 seater full luxury touring coaches
    • 56 – 60 seater luxury touring coaches (Higer Coach)
    • 60 – 70 seater conference coaches
    • 60 seater semi-luxury bus with air conditioning
    • 60 – 75 semi-luxury buses

    Finally, you can enjoy a
    wide variety of coaches available allowing for the best bus rental choices. Worth mentioning, is that the semi-luxury coaches are suitable for local services while in Cape Town should you choose this option. As a result, you will save money on your transport budget.

    Learn more about what coach bus rental costs can be expected:
    See examples of bus hire prices in Cape Town >>

    While planning your Cape Town tour:
    Use these luxury shuttle service helpful tips >>

    Compact and Cost-Effective

    13 Seater touring minivan hire is ideal for small group tours of Cape Town and across the Western Cape. Also great for your Cape Town shuttle services

    The 13 seater touring minivan is such an ideal compact passenger transporter. We’ve literally operated thousands of trips and racked up tens of thousands of kilometers across South Africa. Evidently, this 13 seater vehicle comes standard with all the necessary comforts you would expect on a passenger carrier. For instance, it has reclining seats with seat belts, air-conditioning and a heater system. Not forgetting, a superb music sound system for those long distance trips as well as head rests should you need to catch a snooze. Finally, concerning the minivan hire prices of the 13 seater, costs are budget friendly indeed.

    Most importantly, the 13 seater touring minivan rental is a cost saver. Moreover, it is compact enough to make quick detours. Unquestionably, it is quite a fun vehicle to tour and travel in, as it is cozy and intimate. Another thing to remember, it is also ideal for your bus wedding transport needs.

    Absolutely Comfortable

    17 Seater luxury minibus charter. The best bus companies have these units in their coach fleet specifically for cost saver tours

    Notably, these 17 seater luxury minibus charter vehicles are available in either the VW Crafter, or in the Mercedes Benz Sprinter option. Additionally, these new models come with a maintenance and service care packaged from VW and Mercedes Benz. As a result, these minibuses in Cape Town are well maintained. Indeed, this 17 seater luxury tourist mini bus is suitable for local and long distance traveling. Finally, the luxury amenities include reclining seats with armrests and seat belts as well as air-conditioning. Not forgetting, an onboard fridge and a complimentary trailer for luggage.

    Benefits when you need to charter a tourist mini bus:
    Surprisingly, this touring coach is affordably priced. To explain, it is available in a 15 and 17 seater option. Finally, this vehicle is designed to cover long distances as well. So, you can travel the Republic of South Africa in this affordable Cape Town tourist bus as well.

    With Generous Luxury Amenities

    Tourist families and general tour groups enjoy the 21 seater luxury minibus hire option. Ideal when you need to charter a tourist mini bus for a small group

    Experience the best shuttle service in Cape Town

    In comparison, this 21 seater luxury minibus rental has similar features to the 17 seater minibus. In fact, one could say that the 21 seater luxury coach is the bigger brother of the 17 seater touring vehicle. Evidently, the 21 seater has more seating capacity, which is of course ideal for mini bus travels for family or corporate tour groups. To summarize, the 21 seater luxury touring minibus is a perfect choice and as such we’ve transported hundreds of families and tour groups in these coaches.

    Evidently, when conference organizers hire a 21 seater for their mini bus travels, they find great use for it on their events. For the same reason, because the conference delegates can be shuttled in small numbers very quickly. In short, it has a low running cost.

    Enjoy a comprehensive private coach hire service in Cape Town

    By definition, a comprehensive private coach hire service includes everything from the professional and experienced tour driver to the luxurious coach. Additionally, any other add-on products like water, drinks and snacks, a tourist or passengers can enjoy a full comfortable tour experience. As a matter of fact, onboard coach rental catering is very possible in South Africa. Thus, breakfast packs or lunch packs are provided for tour groups upon request. Not forgetting, the services of a registered tour guide to coordinate and assist and make your tour that much more memorable and richer.

    So, some of the peripheral services we offer include:

    • Group tour management

    • Hotel reservations

    • Restaurant bookings for lunch and dinner

    • Nationwide registered tour guide services

    • Endless shuttles event charter services

    • Domestic flights

    • Museum, sports and entertainment tickets

    • Cultural, sightseeing and tour activity entrance fees

    Firstly, enjoy great discounts by booking everything with one Operator. Secondly, all your tour element confirmations are provided upfront giving you full control. Lastly, allow an experienced bus company to provide you with quick wins and insightful tour leadership.

    Make use of these Cape Town tours helpful tips >>

    Reclining Seats with Armrests

    The 28 seater luxury coach hire the most popular choice for a small group of travelers

    Surprisingly, this 28 seater BMC luxury touring coach, manufactured by BMC in Turkey, is such an affordable coach hire option. To explain, it is considered a cheap luxury bus hire option in Cape Town, since the luxury coach features are that of a top end touring bus. Compact and very neat, these coaches have literally toured the beautiful costs and peaceful countrysides of South Africa many times over. Worth mentioning, these vehicles are very popular among professional conference organizers. To explain, they are great for shuttle groups of people, and at the same for cultural and technical tours for the conference delegates.

    Notably, this compact touring coach has all the luxurious amenities you need. Basically, you can tour Cape Town in luxury, at a basic cost. Most importantly, this coach travels well for long distances.

    Scania Higer

    The 32 Seater luxury bus rental transport option is easy on tour budgets

    For one thing, the 32 seater luxury coach is available in two brand options. Namely, the superb Scania Higer and the comfortable Yutong R9 touring coaches. In particular, you will discover that these touring bus transportation options are exceptional touring coaches. Check out this 3D virtual walk around profile of the R9 Yutong.

    Generally speaking, the Scania Higer is no different. Notably, its sleek finishes and absolute class sets it apart. In either case, your tour groups will feel safe and secure in these touring vehicles.

    Ultimately, with sophisticated coaches like these two options, tour groups receive top end luxury touring. Regardless, these vehicles are generously equipped and complete with onboard toilets. Ultimately, your coach hire tour experience in Cape Town can be completely effortless on this coach.

    Ample Space

    52 Seater luxury coach hire for large tour groups. Perfect for sporting group coach hire purposes

    Firstly, the 52 seater luxury coach is available in a Scania Higer model as well as an Irizar luxury coach touring model. Needless to say, both models are ideal and more than suitable to tour locally in Cape Town or long distances. Truly, these luxury vehicles are very popular among our corporate groups as well as our international group tour Customers. They are part of our luxury coaches offering.

    By the way, these coaches come with generous luxury touring amenities. For an ultimate touring experience this Scania luxury coach is your first choice.

    Most certainly, you will enjoy utter comfort and luxury transportation at affordable rates when you choose the 52 seater. Basically, this vehicle is ideal for conference, corporate or for group tours of any nature. Finally, this coach manufacturer thought of everything for its Passengers when they created this touring coach.

    Garden Route | Overberg | George | Knysna

    Western Cape Bus Hire. Tour busses of various sizes for your choosing

    The Western Cape is home to some memorable tourist destinations. To demonstrate, the Western Cape stretches north from the Cape of Good Hope as well as east to Cape Agulhas. Ironically, it (Cape Agulhas) is the most southern tip of the African continent. In actual fact, Stellenbosch, Paarl and George are among the great tourist destinations available in the Western Cape.

    Western Cape coach hire must-see highlights

    To be exact, the Garden Route via the Overberg (Hermanus), is one of the greatest highlights in the Cape Province. Additionally, Knysna has so much to offer by way of the Waterfront, and the Garden of Eden. Moreover, in Oudtshoorn make sure you visit the Cango Wildlife Ranch and also the Ostrich Farm. As a bonus, don’t forget to travel further onto Port Elizabeth where you can visit the ADDO Elephant National Park as well as Jeffreys Bay. Finally, your tour group can experience these beautiful vistas, by choosing a budget friendly Western Cape coach hire option.

    Pro tip:
    To sum up, if possible tackle the Oudtshoorn portion of your tour itinerary en route to your hotel in Knsyna. Since, you would want to maximize your time in Knysna.

    Garden Route | Overberg | George | Knysna

    Best ways to present your itinerary to receive great coach hire prices in Cape Town when request bus hire quotes

    From time to time we receive a coach hire Cape Town enquiry, in which Customers send their basic request. Whether they require bus wedding transport or affordable shuttle bus transfers, we easily provide the service. Furthermore, a basic itinerary for 5 or 10 day tour is not sufficient. Moreover, a Sales Consultant is forced to provide a worst case scenario bus rental budget. Therefore, it is in your best interest to provide as much detail as possible. This being, pick up time and the planned end time of your tour.

    A good example of an itinerary for your coach hire Cape Town prices purposes

    Example of an Itinerary to Receive Accurate Coach Hire Prices in Cape Town

    Cape Town

    Day 1: ( 08h25 ex SA323 ) CTIA > De Grendel Estate > Table Mountain. ( 16h30 ) Depart for Stellenbosch Hotel.
    Day 2: ( 08h30 ) Stellenbosch > Cape Town Ostrich Ranch/Oatlands > Blouberg > Waterfront/Dinner. ( 22h30 ) Depart for Hotel.
    Day 3:
    ( 06h30 ) Stellenbosch > Peninsula Tour > Oude Libertas. ( 22h30 ) Return to Hotel.
    Day 4:
    ( 09h00 ) Stellenbosch > Fairview Estate/early Lunch > CTIA. Flight to ORT Airport, Johannesburg. Tour continues in Johannesburg.

    Always ensure that you provide an estimated pick up time.
    Furthermore, it is helpful to provide all your points of interest, where your tour group will visit.
    Additionally, providing an indication where you will have lunch or dinner helps us with route planning.
    Finally, including as much details as possible is vital, as it ensures all aspects of your tour is covered.

    Cape Town Happy

    Download these helpful apps to supplement your bus hire Cape Town planning

    Helpful mobile Apps for exploring Cape Town

    Firstly, while preparing to travel to Cape Town, you should download the Love Cape Town App (Android). This is a fantastic initiative by Cape Town Tourism. Cape Town has a variety of things to do. To exemplify, the city has great variations much like its weather. For instance, there is a saying going around about Cape Town and it says “experience four seasons in a day.” Ironically, this is what you will experience in Cape Town. However, to enjoy the fullness that the city has to offer you there is a variety apps available on both Android and iOS.

    Download these apps for great assistance

    These apps will assist you in different ways. For example, from finding parking to making contactless payments for your drinks or market purchases. Additionally, don’t forget to monitor the weather in Cape Town, especially for the visit to the top of Table Mountain. Access all the apps here.

    Extra support:
    In short, for any tour related support you may need in between concerning your bus tour itinerary, you can reach out to us. We’re available on or send a quick note on the whats app chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.

    Bus transportation for every event

    Bus hire for every occasion

    Over the years we’ve provided minibus and coach rental transportation for every occasion. We provide some information on the benefits of booking your next bus charter service with us for your occasion.

    Bus hire for concerts

    Admittedly, the Cape Town Stadium is an iconic landmark just outside the city in Green Point. Evidently, also the only and most favourite choice of concert organizers for big name musicians and bands. From U2, Justin Bieber to Ed Sheeran to name a few, Cape Town Stadium has hosted it all. Understandably, the traffic leading to and surrounding the stadium is congested on event days. Choose a minibus rental or luxury coach hire option for your next concert experience. So, travel in a group and avoid the frustration of traffic.

    Bus hire for birthdays

    To begin with, birthday travel groups are always happy with a celebratory atmosphere. As a result, having all your friends or family in one minibus or coach, makes for great celebrations. Furthermore, the benefits are endless, since you get to depart together from the same pick up point at the same time. Alternatively, you could prepare a route with two or three stops to meet your friends. They could board the bus there, and join the party. Additionally, we’ve operated bus transfers for many parties, where groups enjoy activities and have lunch and drinks at various restaurants across Cape Town. Quite a different way of doing things.

    School excursions and tours

    Surely, for parents and teachers, bus transport safety and reliability is of utmost importance. As a result, it is vital for us as well. To explain, tyres, seat belts and general maintenance is checked and cross checked again. Furthermore, the passengers need to feel safe and secure in the tour drivers’ driving style, which is defensive to begin with. As a matter of fact, we’ve operated camp transfers, 7 day tours to the Garden Route as well as long distance school sports trips to Johannesburg. Our departure point is always safety.

    Hire a bus for your planned group tours

    Evidently, managing and coordinating the services of a medium to large group tour can be quite daunting. At the same time, a group of between 45 to 100 tourists requires specific attention to detail. Groups arrive with expectations that their tour will simply be excellent. In fact, we therefore work hard to ensure passengers just walk into their tour experience. Notably, we coordinate your groups’ arrival at the airport, all the details in between as well as your departure back home. We’re your travel partner.

    Corporate Hire

    Without exception, corporate coach hire is always more affordable. By the way, to have your office team in the same bus builds team spirit. Additionally, for corporate office day trips or weekend away sales workshops, the atmosphere is always fun-loving. In particular, for corporate dinner or gala events, we also implement smaller shuttles to provide quick transfers back to the pack up point or area where Staff parked there cars. To summarize, corporate or business shuttles are usually required for large numbers of passengers, for medium to large events. Finally, you will require bus transport and minibus rental expertise in order to reach your objective where transfers are concerned.

    Cape Town Vibes

    Cape Town Airport Transfers

    Cape Town airport transfers is made of many types of services

    Firstly, it’s not hard to see when you land at Cape Town International Airport, that you have many options to transfer to your Hotel. Furthermore, taxi services or e-hailing cabs jostle and push for you to use their airport transfer services. The MyCiti Bus service also does bus trips to and from the City of Cape Town. However, we offer private bus hire options for airport transfers. On the whole, our service includes professional meet and assist service to ensure that your airport shuttle runs smoothly.

    Distance from the airport to Cape Town City Center

    Firstly, one of the wonderful elements of Cape Town International Airport, is the estimated 25 minute drive. Evidently, you will not be able to catch a quick snooze after your long haul flight. Moreover, the city center and the V&A Waterfront will be upon in you in no time. Worth mentioning, is that on the odd occasion there is traffic congestion which could lengthen the transfer to 45 minutes or 1 hour. Finally, this is mainly due to an accident or unforeseen circumstance.

    Cape Town Vibes

    Shuttle transport ideal for dinner events

    Our dinner and event shuttle services experience

    Frequently, we operate transportation services for large corporate groups, who celebrate a new product launch or year end Staff function. Generally speaking, the amount of Passengers can range from 100 to 500. Moreover, our largest shuttle service rendered was for approximately 1600 Staff members. To coordinate Passenger buses of this magnitude requires tremendous transport planning as well as great execution.

    To the dinner venue: best to use large shuttle busses

    Ordinarily, Passenger buses are allocated according to the amount of people travelling. Usually, when Staff or Delegates depart for the venue, they leave at the same time. So, it is ideal to provide the largest seating capacity buses for this part. Most importantly, sufficient bus parking has to be available since there may not be sufficient parking space. Thus, once a Passenger shuttle bus is filled, it is dispatched to the venue. All in all, the 60 seater semi-luxury coach as well as the 70 seater conference coach does well to do the job.

    From the dinner venue: best to use a combination of large coach buses, minivans and mini-busses

    At this point, our experience has taught us that Staff members want to leave the venue on their own time. To explain, usually after the awards have given and the main course meals served, some of them are then ready to leave. For this reason, we have a shuttle-bus or minibuses ready to begin transfers back to the Hotel or Corporate Office. Surprisingly, the first part of these shuttles operate for at least 2 to 3 hours. Finally, the bulk of the Staff who stays to the bitter end are usually the most. Therefore, we keep the large luxury coaches on standby for these groups of Passengers.

    Cape Town Vibes

    Best coaches and buses to rent for major sporting events at Cape Town Stadium

    Interesting facts about Cape Town Stadium

    Firstly, Cape Town Stadium was built for the specific purpose to host some football matches for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Tournament. Lately, it has been utilized for major concerts and events. Evidently, Justin Bieber, ONE Direction and BON JOVI are some of the big shows hosted at the Stadium. Worth mentioning, the stadium will be the home of Western Province Rugby as well as the Stormers Franchise Rugby Team as from 2021. As you can see, Cape Town Stadium is a high traffic venue and versatile in nature.

    A nightmare for traffic and transportation to and from events

    Notably, the Stadium is situated in Green Point and also very close to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. This means, going to the venue or leaving it is a traffic nightmare. As a matter of fact, all routes leaving the city is backed-up with traffic. Eventually, traffic does clear, but there are ways and means to get through the traffic frustration.

    Best ground transportation to book for an event

    Firstly, this frustration can be avoided. For example, we usually suggest utilizing minibuses or minivans to transport you and your Passengers. Although, we do provide large Passenger coaches for concert goers or sports groups, we’ve discovered that the smaller shuttles moved quicker. There is a benefit for using the large coach, and that is there are coach parking facilities on the premises of the Stadium. When you arrive you would not need to walk far to get to your seats. On the contrary, when returning your tour bus is ready and waiting for you very close to the Stadium exit.

    Small shuttle bus examples

    The 7 seater Hyundai, 13 seater Toyota minivan and the affordable 15-21 seater luxury minibus are great vehicles to use for a sporting or concert event shuttle service.

    Conference coaches and buses to use for large Passenger numbers

    The 60 Seater semi-luxury coaches as well as the 70 seater conference coaches are an ideal option. Moreover, these shuttle buses have great capacity and gets your Staff or Group moving quickly from the Stadium.

    Cost effective touring

    What cheap mini bus hire options do I have within Cape Town? If you need bus wedding transport arranged consider these options

    Overwhelmingly, the cheap 21 seater semi-luxury minibus is the most affordable

    The semi-luxury 21 seater minibus rental option is by far the cheapest minibus hire option in Cape Town. To explain, it has an air-conditioning unit as well as seat belts. It is considered affordable as without reclining seats tour Passengers still enjoy a pleasant trip.

    Features of the cheap semi-luxury bus

    Ordinarily, this small coach, complete with high-back cloth seats and seat belts, makes for a great affordable minibus rental option. The coach has a good strong air-condition unit to keep you and the Passengers cool in the heat of summer. A portable cooler-box can be provided to keep refreshments cool for the trip. Be that as it may, this minibus is popular among school and sports groups looking to save some money on transport.

     The affordable touring 13 seater Toyota Touring Quantum

    The running cost of the 13 seater minivan is not too high. As such, the rental prices can be kept to an absolute minimum for Customers. We’ve operated tours to cover the entire Republic of South Africa in these vehicles. Additionally, it is compact and very comfortable. Usually, small Family groups or small corporate teams opt for this vehicle. It is neat with reclining seats and seat belts. Not forgetting, a blue tooth sound system and portable cooler for drinks and refreshments.

    Mother City Vibes

    Could a tourist bus Cape Town explore the warm and welcoming vibrant culture of the city?

    Cape Town has many cultural experiences to offer

    When tour Passengers visit Cape Town, most times the bus company only offers the general sightseeing highlights. A point often overlooked, is that there are other profound cultural experiences which Tourists can enjoy. However, generally Customers only want to see the beautiful scenery of Cape Town and the Garden Route. And that’s it since that is all that is presented to them. But, the many cultures and People in Cape Town make it such a special place.

    Cape Town Flavour

    For the most part, as a tour group you would only choose to visit the commercialized parts of Cape Town. This being, the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain to name a few. However, you can opt for seeing a beautiful beach like Gordons Bay, or the township of Langa. Not forgetting, places like Mzoli’s Place, Mama Afrika and Wembley Roadhouse offer variations of true local Cape Town cuisine flavour. So, when chartering a coach with us, make sure to ask the Consultant for some suggestions of true cultural tours.

    Always remember:
    To be exact, ask any of our bus tour sales consultants about authentic Cape Town experiences. Finally, there is always something different to enjoy and experience.

    Know the Difference

    See the quick distinction between luxury and semi-luxury bus hire options

    Group transportation options for all types of tour budgets

    To say nothing of your group transportation options, would not be ideal. Further to this, you want to know upfront what your options are. So, what is best for you when procuring an online quote? Moreover, whether for an airport service or for luxury tour buses, you have a minimum/maximum tour budget in place.

    So, what bus rental options do I have available?

    Having said that, you know what features you are in need of for your tour. If your itinerary is only local and you have a small budget, then the semi-luxury coach is an ideal fit. In contrast, if you are in need of a luxury tour experience, then the luxury charter coach is your first choice.

    Luxury Coach Hire in Cape Town

    A luxury coach is the most ideal and desirable group transportation option for tours by tour agents and private individuals. With this in mind, a charter bus company should have their fleet made up of 80% luxury buses. Admittedly, luxury coach transport is the first choice of tour groups.

    Luxury amenities in the luxury Higer coach

    So, the luxury tour vehicles come fitted with panoramic flush windows with privacy blinds. These panoramic windows allows for clients to enjoy the beautiful surroundings as they travel the Western Cape. Further to this, a mounted television in the front and rear of the touring coach provides entertainment for tour Passengers if they require.

    Personal seating space features on the luxury bus

    Evidently, each seat has a reclining feature with a head rest. Notably, if you wish to take a 20 minute snooze, this is possible and comfortable in this seat. The individual armrests allows for your arms to relax. For Passenger safety, the seat belt will keep you secure. Moreover, Passengers can enjoy their individual air-conditioning vent as well as a personal reading light.

    Peripheral features to enjoy on the luxury coach rental option

    The onboard emergency toilet allows for those toilet emergencies while traveling. Although, the tour coach does stop for toilet breaks at the local fuel filling stations while on long distance travels. The onboard refrigerator accommodates for drinks and refreshments while on tour.

     The semi-luxury coach is considered a cheap bus hire Cape Town option for any local tour

    Conversely, the semi-luxury touring coach hire option provides the basic amenities that tour groups or school parties require. Notwithstanding, the luxury coach is the top end of luxury travel, the semi-luxury bus rental is great for all costsaver tours.

    Basic semi-luxury bus hire features

    Unlike the luxury coach, the semi-luxury bus has non-reclining seats. However, it does have seat belts for safety, as well as an air-conditioning unit keeping the entire bus cool. Notably, there are no individual air-con vents per seat as the luxury coach has. Additionally, the seating configuration is 3 x 2. Simply put, this means that there are 3 x seats on the one side and 2 x seats on the other.

    When to opt for the semi-luxury coach for your tour itinerary

    In reality, a cost saving of between 25%-40% can be expected on a semi-luxury coach compared to a luxury touring coach. Although this may be true, this bus hire choice is ideal if you are only planing to tour locally. To explain, school or sports tour groups appreciate this option since they have limited budgets to spend on a charter bus rental. Additionally, it is ideal to hire a fleet of semi-luxury buses when you need to move a large number of Passengers from one point to another locally. Either way, you receive the benefit of great service for a fraction of the costs.

    Interesting tip:
    Always remember, for your local inner city coach touring, ask for the semi-luxury coach. As mentioned, this is ideal if you have a limited budget. For teams, a sporting group coach hire option like this 60 seater is a great cost saver choice. Then, when traveling overland, for example on the Garden Route, make sure you book the luxury coach.

    Cape Town Happy

    Coach hire transportation for day tours in greater Cape Town

    The best coach hire options for your day tour itinerary

    Firstly, depending on your Passenger group size on your day tour, you would be able to choose the most suitable coach size option. Additionally, you should make room for your tour guide as well. To explain, a day tour with a sightseeing tour guide, make the tour that much more richer and insightful.

    The 21 Seater luxury minibus charter option is ideal for costsaver tours

    For example, when you explore the Cape Malay culture in the Bo-Kaap, the roads are quite narrow. Therefore, the 21 seater minibus rental option is the better choice. Equally, when visiting the prestigious Roundhouse/Salisfy Restaurant for lunch or dinner, using large coaches is quite a challenge. Owing to this, the road is extremely narrow and very limiting. Finally, the 21 seater shuttle vehicle is more narrow than it is in length, making it perfect for days tours in Cape Town.

     The 60 seater is the ideal for your sporting group coach hire tour. A great choice is the Higer coach

    In the event that your Passengers require transportation to a single venue, then by all means this large coach hire option is first choice. For this reason, the 60 seater is ideal since it is doing one bus trip from point A to point B. Evidently, this is very simple. On the contrary, using the 60 seater for a Cape Town City tour for example, would be challenging. However, it is possible, but walking distances between museums and places of interest will be lengthened. Particularly, owing to the fact that parking is limited in the city for a large touring bus.

    Explore the wonderful Table Mountain

    Pro tips for your Table Mountain shuttle bus transfer

    Ways to beat the Table Mountain high traffic volume and tour busses which congest the roads around this tourist hotspot

    It is important to realize, that Table Mountain is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Today, Table Mountain transports about 800 Visitors per hour and 6000 Visitors per day during Peak Season. So, can you imagine the amount of transportation vehicles required to transport these amounts of Visitors to the Mountain?

    Miss the peak traffic at Table Mountain or the worst of it

    Surprisingly, Table Mountain has limited parking available for luxury coaches or shuttle buses at the main welcoming center. With attention to your entrance tickets, you have a choice of the morning entrance ticket and the afternoon entrance ticket. To explain, for the morning slot you have between 08h00 and 13h00 to make your way up the mountain. Otherwise, your next ticket option is for between 13h00 until last ride down, which is in the evening.

    Making the right choice

    Firstly, you have to decide if you’re comfortable with waiting for a while in a long queue to buy your ticket. Alternatively, if you’ve purchased your ticket online, then you’re 50% ahead. Furthermore, if your plans are to see other parts of Cape Town on that particular tour day, it is then advisable that you start with your Table Mountain activity. Given that the visibility is clear at that time, you would have found the sweet spot for visiting the Mountain. Traffic is not overwhelmingly disappointing, and as such you have a great start to your day.

    Worst time in terms of traffic at Table Mountain

    The cable car is most congested just before lunch time, and after lunch time until later in the day. In addition, the limited parking close to the cable car gateway would be completely congested. Large coaches coming and going, and queues waiting to board the cable car. Tour groups can easily lose a few hours in this case on their tour day. Therefore, it is best to get to the Cable way early in the morning.


    Constantia Winelands Elegance

    Coach transportation to and from the amazing Groot Constantia Wine Estate and Restaurant. Use our endless shuttles event charter services

    Only a 25 minute Passenger shuttle from Cape Town City Center

    In the first place, only a mere 25 minutes travel time Groot Constantiafrom the city center, Groot Constantia is such a heaven on earth experience. Not to mention, if you are pressed for time, and cannot travel to the Stellenbosch winelands, then this wine estate is a superb choice. Uniquely, your group bus can either travel through Camps Bay to the estate. Alternatively, the M3 highway from the city is just as pleasant.

    Coach parking at Groot Constantia

    As an illustration, there is ample holding area parking available for the luxury coaches that you you will travel in. Furthermore, travellers are usually dropped at the main entrance by coach, and then going to park. Finally, at the end of the wine tasting and lunch experience, the tour guide calls the tour driver to come closer with the tour coach. Passengers can then board the coach easily.

     In summary, the best 5 reasons to private charter a luxury coach to the Groot Constantia Estate

    • Only 25 minutes from the city center

    • Enjoy scenic drive through Camps Bay and Suikerbossie or the M3 highway

    • Ample coach parking available at Groot Constantia

    • Appreciate as a Tour Group the Visitors Route Experience at the Estate

    • Enjoy great tour group rates at Jonkershuis Resturant

    Take the ferry to Robben Island

    Robben Island: steeped in painful history. Hear the Tour Guides tell their story.

    Robben Island is a must see while in Cape Town. Learn why you should include it in your day tour plans

    Firstly, there is something about seeing former President Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island. Out of Robben Island came some of South Africa’s greatest political Leaders. And as such, to see where they were kept as prisoners is truly profound. Truly, tourists are left with a sense of awe and admiration. For example, if you consider ex political prisoner Mr Dumisani Mwandla who was imprisoned between 1989-1991. For this reason, the history o fthis island is worth the visit. See a short video of his story here.

    The Robben Island tour is great for schools and college excursion groups

    Firstly, watch this video to see what Students can experience from a school tour perspective. Ideally, it is best to book the 09h00 ferry to the Island. We book the ferry and Robben Island tickets for you and our bus hire Dispatcher ensures that you arrive at the Nelson Mandela Gateway early. No doubt, after you tour experience you will be exhausted. The V&A Waterfront has ample restaurants and eateries available. So, you will have many options available for lunch.

    Helpful Tip:
    Where possible, always try to secure the 09h00 Robben Island ferry ticket. Since, you should be back on the mainland by 13h00 to have lunch. Afterwards, the chartered luxury bus can continue your tour as stated on your itinerary. Always remember, that part of our costsaver tours option, combine Robben Island with a township excursion.

    Soak up Cape Town's sun

    Visit one of the following great beaches while in Cape Town, and you would add happiness to your bus tour itinerary

    Cape Town has perfect beaches for all to enjoy

    On the whole, Cape Town is a sunny city in Spring and Summer, and as such our beaches are magnets for locals and tourists alike. Therefore, we recommend that our Customers always include a visit to any of the beaches mentioned below. So, take your pick.

    Use this list of the best hand-picked beaches to visit as part of your day tours

    Camps Bay: this great beach strip is always buzzing with activity and is a great choice.
    Bloubergstrand: kite surfers and swimmers abound with a great backdrop of Table Mountain.
    Fish Hoek: ideal for long walks, a swim and something to eat at the Galley Restaurant.
    Hout Bay: quite a haven for tourists. After your boat your, take a walk on this clean beach.
    Boulders beach: see the comical penguins as they waddle all over the place.
    Gordons Bay: although a 50 minute bus charter drive, this beach is so worth it.
    Strand: 5-10 minutes from Gordons Bay, enjoy endless white sand and great eateries.

    Bonus tip:
    Muizenberg beach has a fantastic affordable surf shop where kids can rent surfboards and wet suits. Not forgetting, order your authentic local fish and chips or seafood from Lucky Fish on the beach there as well.

    Cape Town has a story to tell

    The 5 best historic tour sites to include in your charter bus service while in Cape Town

    Visit Cape Town’s cultural museums and historical sites: add richness to your coach tour

    Ultimately, when you visit Cape Town you should at least visit one historical site and one cultural museum. Further to this, our Tour Guides are insightful and experienced to help make the tour memorable. So, we suggest considering the following historical museums to visit.

    As part of your sightseeing tours, these are the 5 best historical museums to visit while in Cape Town

    District Six Museum: An absolute profound snapshot of this past Community.
    Robben Island Museum: After Table Mountain, this is one of the main reasons to visit Cape Town.
    Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum: The Malay-Quarter is rich in history with much to tell.
    Castle of Good Hope: South Africa’s oldest surviving colonial building and national heritage site.
    Heart of Cape Town Museum: A snapshot in time of the first heart transplant ever done.

    Franschhoek Winelands Tour

    Take advantage of your coach hire tour to the Franschhoek Winelands - Read these 8 tips which charter companies do not tell you about

    Hire a chartered bus to the Franschhoek wine tram

    Regardless, coach companies in Cape Town usually opt to operate the Franschhoek Winelands tour themselves. However, current trends reveal that Passengers and Tourists want to experience something different. Enter the Franschhoek wine tram. With this in mind, it is a mere one hour luxury coach or minibus trip to the tram. So, all you need to do is arrange your pick up time and pick up location, and off you go. We will remain on standby for your return trip.


    Stellenbosch Winelands

    Stellenbosch Winelands tour: 8 ways to make your ground transportation memorable

    1. Plan your Wine Estate route: for an optimal group tour experience always book your wine tasting appointment in advance.

    2. Manage your time while touring: you can quick lose track of time at any wine estate, which affects the rest of the days’ plans.

    3. Book your group lunch: having a lunch appointment helps the restaurant to prepare for your tour group. This is a must.

    4. Ensure you have a tour guide onboard: a tour guide makes for a smoother Winelands experience. He (or she) will keep you to your time schedule.

    5. Communicate: always update the coach company about any change in plans so that the Dispatcher may update the Tour Driver. This allows for the necessary tour arrangements to be made before the tour commences.

    Paarl Winelands

    Paarl: minibus hire for a winelands tour doesn't need to be hard. Apply these tips

    In short, Paarl is so rich in culture and history. So, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any experience while you’re there. Our experience has seen that most tour groups travel to Paarl in luxury minibuses. Winelands tour groups are oftentimes small to medium in Passenger numbers. Consider these tips to optimize your Paarl Winelands tour.

    • Taal Monument: symbolic and steeped in history. If you’re in the area make a stop and have some photos taken of this cultural landmark.

    • Val De Vie Estate: from wine tasting to great mouth-watering food. Make a booking for your wine tasting and lunch experience to get the full value from Val De Vie.

    • KWV Wine Emporium: enjoy wine and brandy tastings. Not forgetting, all their pairing options namely brandy and chocolate, artisan pies and wines and tea and chocolate for pairing.



    Hermanus Whales Experience

    A Cape Town to Hermanus bus transfer only takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. When booking your charter bus transportation, your Group can travel there and see the whales on a shoestring budget

    It must be remembered, that the buzzing town of Hermanus is a mere 1 hour 45 minute coach trip from the City. Having said that, Hermanus has so many options to explore. Firstly, you can enjoy the annual celebration, namely the Hermanus Whale Festival. Notably, this marks the return of the South Right Whales between June to December. Moreover, the Hermanus Botanical Society can be enjoyed in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. Finally, enjoy great seafood at Harbour Rock Seafood Grill.

    Bonus tip:
    Although, your Cape Town to Hermanus bus booking fills a tour day quite beautifully, you should not forget Gansbaai. For more or less 10% extra on cost, you can see this beautiful coastal village.

    Once bitten. You always come back

    Best tips to keep in mind when planning to visit Gansbaai to experience the great force of the great white shark

    Firstly, it is worth your while to visit Gaansbaai since it is only 2 hours and 30 minutes from Cape Town city center by luxury bus. Truly, this is a beautiful little town, that will leave you with great memories. Notably, all the people in this town welcome you as a Visitor. But, the purpose of you visiting is of course to see the great white sharks.

    Our bus rental services covers the Gansbaai area and we know how to get you there safely with time to spare

    So, we usually depart any Cape Town hotel with our tour Passengers by 05h00. Having said that, you can request that the Hotel pre-package a breakfast box for Guests. In this case, they can have a breakfast on the go while on their charter bus transportation to Gansbaai. Then, after your Gansbaai experience remember to stop in Hermanus on your way back to your hotel.

    Little known ways in which you can add-on services to your Shark dive boat trip in Gansbaai

    Generally speaking, Gansbaai is a typical fishing village. However, tourists love this small town for the adventure and what the ocean offers. Nevertheless, there are so many combinations you can enjoy in Gansbaai when wanting to see the great white sharks. So, here is a quick list of ideas for you to keep in your back pocket. As you will see, the shark dive will be combined with the following add-on options.

    • Shark dive and whale watching boat trip: 1 Day (June – December annually)

    • Helicopter transfer to and from Gansbaai: 1 Day

    • Safari game drive: 2 Day adventure

    • Overnight stay: 2 Days in Gansbaai/Overberg Region

    • Scenic coastal flight: 1 Day

    • Adventure filled tree top ziplining experience: 1 Day

    • Quad biking experience: 1 Day

    Experience the West Coast

    The 8 best things about Kwattu! on the West Coast. Experience them all

    Firstly, is hardly visited by tour groups who visit Cape Town. Probably because it is an hours drive from Cape Town. Nevertheless, this outing is also popular among school tour groups.

    Reasons to visit !Khwa ttu

    1. Only a 1 hour drive in a luxury Passenger coach
    2. The !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre is dedicated to the history, challenges and successes of the San People

    3. Enjoy an unforgettable guided eBike tour on the premises of the !Khwa ttu Private Game Reserve

    4. Wholesome home cooked food including free range meats and local made wines

    5. Embark on a fascinating guided San tour. Either on foot or on a tractor

    6. The walking trail provide great views of the game, watering holes and birds

    7. An amazing trail run is on the Reserve as well. Trail runners

    8. Rough it out in the Reserve in the Guesthouse or tent. Quote an experience


    Cape Town Happy

    Quick wins and how to get the most out of your minibus rental service when touring Cape Town

    A transportation company should always provide a value for money service

    Firstly, in the transportation industry it is common sense to provide great bus rates and deals. Having said that, Customers deserve to know that they’re receiving the best bus charter prices. However, Tour Agents will simply shop around until they find a transportation company that will meet their bus tour budget. Therefore, we strive to provide the best bus hire rates possible to Customers, without compromising bus tour service quality.

    Ensure that you clearly communicate the following points to the bus transportation company, and then you should get the most out of your budget

    • In the first place, make sure that you clearly communicate the details of your tour itinerary upfront.

    • Having said that, this will mitigate any additional rental costs for extra kilometers traveled.

    • By and large, most Customers think a drop off and pick up coach rental service is cheaper. However, having a coach wait for your group at a venue is cost-effective. The reason for this, is that there is less traveling kilometers. Only driver waiting hours has to be covered.

    • A standalone dinner return transfer is much more expensive than a dinner add-on service. Where possible, save money and simply build the dinner outing onto your full day coach hire service.

    Worth doing:
    As an example, group your tour activities per location you’re traveling in. To clarify, cover all sightseeing while while on the Peninsula Tour. Therefore, you don’t need to travel out there on another day and have to pay for another tour day unnecessarily.


    Stretch your Budget

    The 7 most successful savvy ways to spend your leftover bus hire budget in Cape Town

    Firstly, over the years we’ve saved customers loads of money, by offering cost-effective bus hire options. Secondly, our Customers require the best rates, and such we’re obliged to offer the same to them. Therefore, we can do the same for you and your tours. So, we’ve put together a quick list of savvy ways to spend your leftover bus hire Cape Town budget.

    Quick and easy ways to spend leftover tour funds

    • Firstly make a booking at Biesmiellah restaurant: authentic Cape Malay foods

    • Additionally, visit Mzoli’s meat market: experience true township braai culture

    • Moreover, for the adventure seekers: enjoy abseiling in Cape Town

    • At the same time, do the sunset champagne cruise departing from the V&A Waterfront

    • Cheetah outreach, Somerset West

    • Not forgetting, a helicopter tour departing from the V&A Waterfront

    • Finally, horse riding at Noordhoek beach

    Eat and be merry

    Hidden eateries to discover while on your Cape Town coach trip for tour groups. You won't be disappointed

    Over the years we’ve saved customers loads of money, by offering cost-effective bus hire options. Therefore, we can do the same for you and your tours. So, we’ve put together a quick list of savvy ways to spend your leftover bus hire Cape Town budget.

    Quick and easy ways to spend leftover tour funds

    • Firstly, try Wembley in Athlone: a mixture of Cape Malay food experiences

    • Secondly, visit Eastern Food Bazaar in the City: experience great North Indian curries

    • Moreover, Tigers Milk offers food in new ways: kitchen and bar

    • Not forgetting Bootleggers, for the coffee addicts and something to feed you

    • Berthas Restaurant in Simonstown, a different seafood place. For your hunger after your Cape Point experience

    • Brass Bell, Kalk Bay: fish, meat, curry and anything. Reasonably priced. A favorite of the locals

    • Finally, On the Rocks in Bloubergstrand offers much flavours and tastes. Great fun!

    Stretch your Budget

    How do you know you have of an excellent coach tour Driver for your bus rental itinerary?

    Luxury coach tour Drivers are the face of bus hire companies. To demonstrate, no amount of great administration support can cover a bad experience with a tour driver. Here’s how you spot a great tour driver.

    Ensure that the bus company provides a well-rounded coach tour Driver to render the charter services

    • Firstly, a bus tour Driver must present a professional, courteous and helpful attitude.

    • Secondly, it is important for the Tour Leader to check that the bus Driver has closed and locked the under-carriage luggage compartments before departing the hotel or airport.

    • Not forgetting, monitor his or her driving style. An experienced coach tour Driver should warrant confidence and safety in a tourist Passenger. Not fear.

    • Moreover, a tour Driver must not add to a tour groups problems, but instead help them solve any on-the-road challenges.

    • For one thing, a tour Driver must communicate clearly and effectively with the Tour Leader and Passengers. On the whole, he has to keep them updated on any tour itinerary changes if any.

    • Worth mentioning, tour Drivers rendering endless-shuttles for an event, should be extra courteous and friendly. The shuttle service hours are longer than usual, so much is expected from them.

    • All in all, he must be able to advise the Tour Leader in advance of better routes to take on a particular tour.

    • Finally, an excellent Tour Driver goes above and beyond his Passengers’ expectations.

    Booking your tour coach

    So when do I pay my deposit to the coach company to book the luxury coach for my tour?

    Over the years we’ve saved customers loads of money, by offering cost-effective bus hire options. Therefore, we can do the same for you and your tours. So, we’ve put together a quick list of savvy ways to spend your leftover bus hire Cape Town budget.

    Coach companies usually request between a 25%-50% deposit payment to lock down the luxury bus for your tour dates

    It is important to realize that, luxury coach hire services in Cape Town is in very high demand. Specifically, in the peak tourism season ranging between August through December and also from January through April each year. Having said that, bus rental deposit payments are usually received up to 6 months in advance leading up to the peak tourist season. So, depending on the length of the tour, an estimated 25%-50% deposit payment i required. To summarize, this is of course require to show committment and also to book the luxury bus for your itinerary tour dates.

    Tourism peak season charter bus rental challenges and how to overcome them

    In Cape Town, the peak season is a hive of tourist activity. It is truly amazing to see. However, there are some last minute transportation bookings which we receive. Furthermore, by this time, all the flagship and late-model tour coaches are already scheduled and ready for service. Therefore, we suggest that you arrange your coach travel early on. Most importantly, secure your luxury charter transportation with a deposit payment to have peace of mind.

    Comfort is first prize

    The biggest chartered service service mistakes, and how you can easily avoid it while on your tour in Cape Town or a long distance trip across South Africa

    Consider this, unforeseen circumstances and mistakes happen. Not to mention, that the tourism bus hire industry is not exempt. In fact, we’ve faced many challenges in rendering coach services. But we have always been able to solve any problem while our Passengers are on tour.

    Practise these good tour management habits to avoid any issues while on tour

    1. Confusion about the trip itinerary: Firstly, the coach Dispatcher briefs the tour Driver about the details of the tour itinerary. However, it is also good practise for the Tour Leader to discuss the plan for the days’ transport arrangements.

    2. Lack of communication regarding any changes in your tour plans: Additionally, always communicate any changes or important requirements with us or the tour bus Driver. For this reason, you will avoid arriving late or missing an important lunch appointment.

    3. Not knowing what to do during a coach breakdown: Secondly, ensure that you know what the contingency plan of the bus company is in the event of coach break down.

    4. Not knowing who to contact during a coach breakdown: In any event, always be in contact with the coach charter Dispatcher in order to receive updates of the replacement coach.

    5. A luxury coach that has amenities not working properly: So, it is not unusual for an air conditioning unit, or a refrigerator to suddenly stop working properly. In this case, you should notify the coach company Dispatcher immediately. A technician is sent to repair or a replacement coach is provided either immediately or the following day.

    Vistas of South Africa

    Prioritize these highlights and vistas of the Western Cape when planning your private coach hire tour. You will be speaking about it for many years to come

    So, you’re planning your Family and Friends tour to the Western Cape including Cape Town. But, where do you start? As an illustration, we’ve put together a quick list of places on which you can build your bus tour itinerary. With this in mind, use the following list to plan your Cape Town, Western Cape tour.

    Top tour itinerary anchor choices when planning to do a luxury bus tour Cape Town, Western Cape

    • Cape of Good Hope: or better known as Cape Point.

    • The Flying Dutchman Funicular: take the funicular from the lower railway to the upper lighthouse.

    • Table Mountain: majestic and a must-see while in Cape Town

    • Robben Island Museum: this includes the ferry to the island and back.

    • Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens: Experience the Western Cape’s largest reserve of native flora.

    • Chapmans Peak Drive: this route is iconic and visually satisfying.

    • Agulhas National Park: stretching between Gaansbaai and Struisbaai. The southern tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas can be experienced there as well.

    • Sanbona Wildlife Reserve: enjoy a safari experience and see the wildlife.

    • Bloukrans Bridge: the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee jumping.

    • Garden Route National Park: an absolute adventure and nature experience for the entire tour group, friends or family.

    Authentic Western Cape Safari

    5 Great ideas to travel by luxury tour coach to any Garden Route Private Game Reserve. Enjoy every minute

    To say nothing of the trip to any Garden Route Game Reserve, is criminal. Moreover, the actual trip on the Garden Route is such a beautiful memorable experience.

    1. Travel the not-so-busy R62 route via Oudtshoorn, all the way to  the Garden Route Private Game Reserve.

    2. Alternatively, travel via the N2 and stop in Hermanus to see the Southern Right Whales.

    3. Moreover, if you’re traveling from George Airport, the luxury coach can transfer your tour Group via Oudtshoorn to experience the Cango Caves and Ostrich Farm.

    4. Not forgetting, it is worth making a stop en route while on the N2 (or the R62) for a delicious lunch.

    5. Finally, make sure that you visit the Knysna Elephant Park. Notwithstanding, enjoy a nature walk or an elephant walk. It is sure to prove to be memorable.

    Mossel Bay

    Build your memorable Mossel Bay itinerary: Use these great coach company tips

    Firstly, it is important to realize that Mossel Bay on the Garden Route is some 435 kilometers from Cape Town City Center. Secondly, in the Western Cape’s luxury transportation industry, Mossel Bay is known to be a hidden gem. Therefore, since it is quite a distance to travel, you should choose a luxury coach as your mode of transportation.Of course, this is given that you require coach hire services for group travel.

    Quick suggestion:
    In reality, tour groups usually spend 1 tour day in Mossel Bay. At the same time, you could visit the local Bartholemue Dias Museum Complex. Alternatively, enjoy a long walk on the beach. Furthermore, you can access a repository of things to do in Mossel Bay here.

    Vistas of South Africa

    Experience the 5 best Oudtshoorn activities on the Garden Route

    Oudtshoorn is part and parcel of the Garden Route experience. As a matter of fact, every tour group must at least spend one day there. Therefore, consider these 5 great activities while in Oudtshoorn.

    1. Cango Wildlife Ranch: animal encounters with cheetahs. Over 90 species of animals.

    2. Highgate Ostrich Farm: one of the oldest in Oudtshoorn with an Ostrich Race Show.

    3. Klein Karoo Bird Watching: one of the great places bird-friendly habitats.

    4. De Rust Adventure Activities: known for great zip lining activities.

    5. Architecture: Oudtshoorn has its own architecture style and unique culture.

    Ensure that your coach travel company is well prepared for the heat of Oudtshoorn

    By comparison, the heat in Oudtshoorn in summer is extremely high. Therefore, the luxury coach charter option you choose should have a very strong air-conditioning unit. Given these points, the chartered luxury bus has sealed bonded windows. Therefore, there is no natural flowing air moving the coach. For the most part, quality transportation is an absolute must while traveling Oudtshoorn.


    Something to write home about

    Memorable Knysna charters: A must add-on for your Western Cape luxury bus tour itinerary

    Definitely, Knysna is the beautiful darling of the Western Cape. In the final analysis, when you visit Cape Town or the Western Cape, you should visit Knysna.

    Touring Knysna is a staple for us Coach Operators

    Moreover, 9 out of 10 group tour itineraries we receive includes Knysna. Indeed, it is what we coach tour operators consider our bread and butter. After all, we’ve operated thousands of Knysna luxury coach tours over the years.

    Something to write home about

    R62 Highway: a beautiful coach tour alternative to the N2 Garden Route

    In particular, the R62 highway leads you directly to Oudtshoorn. To clarify, it branches off from the N1 highway at Worcester. Moreover, it is the Western Cape’s best kept secret. Furthermore, there are great historical towns along the route. Worth mentioning, they are Montagu, Humansdorp and sections of the Klein Karoo.

    Quick suggestion:
    As an example, if your flight departure out of the Western Cape is from George, then opt for this route. To explain, you could take the R62 from Cape Town to Oudtshoorn until you get to Knysna. Finally, traveling back to George Airport to depart on your flight to the Johannesburg and Kruger National Park leg of your tour.

    Know what your need

    A quick summary of the Pros and Cons of private coach hire services in Cape Town. Keep this in mind when requesting bus hire quotes

    To begin with, Cape Town is such an amazing City in that it has something for everyone or tour purpose. Moreover, we arrange and manage the luxury transport of sports teams, corporate company employees or simply groups of friends. Having said that, choosing an affordable bus for hire, is both an affordable and economical way in which to achieve your goals. But, what are the negatives?

    So, what are the negatives of a private coach hire service?

    • Most importantly, we’ve learned that especially on corporate functions that are Passengers that would like to return to their car (or hotel), earlier than most. Therefore, if the company has not secured smaller return shuttles buses, it causes a problem. As a result, these Passengers would have to wait for everyone else before returning to the hotel.

    • Worth mentioning, in the event of a coach mechanical break down, all Passengers are inconvenienced.

    • Moreover, while on a bus tour, individual preferences cannot be met. Therefore, when you agree to a group tour, the collective tour desires of the group is met.

    What are the pros of opting for coach hire services in Cape Town?

    • For a group tour (local or international), affordable coach charter is the transport of choice. Clearly, all tour Passengers are together  enjoying a collective memorable experience.

    • On the other hand, for a corporate group enjoying a product launch or year-end dinner celebration, this is ideal. To clarify, all Staff members are together, and as such their personal fuel costs are spared.

    • Usually, at dinners or lunches, and while on tour, Passengers tend to consume alcohol. Furthermore, a Tour Driver is dedicated to keep our Passengers safe. Therefore, by duty and by law, the tour drivers do not indulge in any alcoholic beverages in order to provide a professional and safe bus hire service.

    Is coach hire better?

    Coach and bus charters vs car rental

    Overall, car hire in Cape Town, is in such high demand. Having said that, the transportation industry is flooded with car rental companies, more so than the number of coach hire Cape Town companies. However, it is to be understood, since couples, businessmen and small families want to take control of their own transport arrangements.

    The cumbersome problems with car hire

    • To begin with, you have to pay a holding deposit on your credit card. Not that many people mind. To others it is a schelp.

    • Additionally, lengthy terms and conditions to understand and to sign.

    • Not forgetting, when you actually arrive at the airport to collect your vehicle, they’ve given you another “similar” vehicle. As a result, you’re now driving a vehicle that you did not plan on getting.

    • Worth mentioning, is that if you’re a group of Friends (or Family), you have to drive in tandem. Specifically, the problem with this is that one or two of the Drivers may take a wrong turn off.

    • Finally, any damages you incur on the vehicle(s), is for your account, if you have not of course opted for super insurance cover.

    Choosing luxury coach hire in Cape Town as a preferred option over car hire

    So, for some Clients, car hire is ideal. For others, the comfort of enjoying luxury group transportation is welcomed. In essence, there are many benefits that far outweigh car hire. Let’s take a quick look at some of these.

    Luxury coach charter positives

    • In the final analysis, when you charter a bus, you have the freedom to work out your itinerary accordingly. You choose which coach transportation you require relative to your budget.

    • Needless to say, any damages to the body of the shuttle bus is NOT for your account.

    • Additionally, you do not need to worry about fuel costs, insurances and other peripheral costs.

    • Without exception, for international travelers, you will have access to an experienced, professional and courteous Tour Driver. Automatically, you can travel like a local.

    • Then of course, there is the great atmosphere of having everyone together in the same touring coach. Everyone laughs together, and thus experiences are shared.

    • In summary, all Passengers will depart together to the venue, and return together.

    Final analysis:
    So, if we consider both the car hire option and the bus hire option, then chartering a coach outweighs car rentals. The reason for this is that, for medium to large groups of people it is advisable to travel together. Finally, the savings on car rental holding deposits and fuel costs are welcoming when choosing coach rental instead.

    Above Average is Always better

    What is considered a great private coach hire company, and how to identify them?

    Generally speaking, there are many coach hire companies in Cape Town offering mini-bus hire,luxury coach charters and semi-luxury bus rental. However, bus companies are jostling to get your tour booked with them. But, at the end of the day who can deliver a well-rounded tour service. So, a great luxury coach combined with a Tour Driver who is inexperienced will sour the entire tour. We explain how to spot an excellent coach rental company.

    Excellent customer service and after sales bus hire operational support

    • For the most part, a coach charter company should from the onset be upfront about all costs and clarify any additional details.

    • After all, you don’t want any after-tour hidden costs billed to you. Therefore, always clarify the costs even if you’re unsure. A great bus rental company will be clear from the onset.

    • Further to this, ensure that you have the various coach size prices compared in order to make an informed decision.

    Always keep in mind:
    In conclusion, a private charter service company should have its Customers as the main focus. Having said that, a bus company that keeps its Customers’ comfort and convenience as top priority is considered a great bus tour company.

    Is coach hire better?

    Comparison between a public commuter bus company vs a luxury tour coach hire company

    Indeed, the City of Cape Town has a number of public commuter bus company services. Furthermore, international students or individuals who visit this city, has the option of using this public service. Alternatively, for medium to large tour groups a private bus hire service is more suitable. So, let’s take a look at the differences.

    When to use the public commuter bus company service

    • When touring the city on a very tight budget. This is perfect for experiencing the city on your own time and at your own pace.

    • Worth mentioning, is that the My City bus service has great options for the self-touring individual, couple or group of friends looking to do their own thing.

    • Indeed, it is ideal to use this service if you simply want to visit all the inner-city museums and cultural sites. Moreover, this allows for a quick hop-on, hop-off experience.

    When to use the luxury tour bus hire company service

    • Although, the inner-city tourist attractions are easily reachable by public transport, a group tour luxury coach would be ideal for large groups.

    • Furthermore, for tourist groups usually after touring the city, they depart for the Garden Route. Having said that, the public bus commuter service does not offer such a transport service.

    • A distinct difference to note, is that the commuter buses does not have any luxury features, which a luxury touring coach has.

    • At the same time, a tourist guide service is usually included. And as such, a full, richer tour experience is provided.

    Is coach hire better?

    How much should you spending on on Cape Town bus hire transportation services?

    In the first place, we always receive questions from Customers asking the cost of luxury coaches. To be exact, they ask how much should I pay for charter bus rentals in Cape Town? Another one being, how much are your busses?

    So, what prices should I expect to pay for chartered bus services in Cape Town?

    Undeniably, you will find a price range (either way) of between 10%-30% of the average private coach hire service. Yet, all coach companies in Cape Town promises quality transportation tour services. Equally important, is a rental company who provides economical coach charter prices. The purpose is to keep the luxury coach fleet moving. Having said that, usually this is in off-peak season (mid April – end August).

    What sought of peak season charter bus rates do the luxury coaches command then?

    Firstly, peak tourism season in South Africa, let alone Cape Town is a very busy time. Of course, demand pushes coach hire costs. Therefore, depending on seating capacity (and distance), charter rates gradually increase. To explain, a 15%-20% difference between off-peak and peak season prices can be expected. However, it is not much of a difference, but if you’re looking to save money, the off-peak season is beneficial.

    Helpful guide:
    In light of this explanation, use our Cape Town bus hire price guide to assist you. Feel free to use the examples of coach rental costs to build your tour budget or plan for your endless-shuttles.

    Is coach hire better?

    Use cheap minibus rentals to operate your corporate event or conference dinner. These are perfect for endless-shuttles

    To emphasize, we’ve been involved in a number of corporate and conference events. In our experience, we’ve seen how effective it can be to operate a fleet of mini busses for medium to large events. Therefore, we always suggest the luxury minibus fleet to Customers for local events and shuttling.

    Benefits of hiring the minibuses for shuttle service purposes

    • To point out, whether you use the 15, 17 or 21 seater minibus charter option, they are all ideal to move through traffic quickly. 

    • Moreover, there is minimal waiting time for Delegates or Guests, since the minibuses fill up pretty quick. Therefore, departure to the venue is prompt and efficient.

    • With attention to the coach features, for shorter distances reclining seats for example is not important. But, a neat and clean coach is ideal to impress our Clients and Guests.

    • Not forgetting, the return leg from the venue or restaurant, the minibus serves as a great pick-up and drop-off service.

    • Finally, these coaches  are quick to brand in the colours or design of your event or conference. As a matter of fact, we provide such a service as well since most Professional Conference Organizers (PCO) require this for their event.

    Is coach hire better?

    So, what luxury minibus hire Cape Town option would be most suitable for my overland tour?

    Markedly, if you need to consider a Passenger coach to be transported in for your Garden Route tour, it would be the 19 seater or 21 seater luxury cheap minibus rental. Having said that, in the beginning of this coach hire guide, I stated that the 21 seater is ideal for corporate and family tour groups. However, our small tour groups (usually 10-17 Passengers), prepares their tour budgets based on the 21 seater minibus hire rates.

    Receive great value for this terrific minibus charter option

    Worth mentioning, is the fantastic experience which our tour groups enjoy while on the 21 seater luxury coach. At the same time, the compact feel of the minibus makes it feel intimate, yet you can catch a snooze in your own seat without being bothered. Moreover, certain models has the flat screen tv feature in it, so you can enjoy a great movie for those overnight transport trips.

    For one thing, golf tour parties experiencing the world class golf courses of the Western Cape, choose this luxury minibus. However, it is ideal to carry to up to 10 golfers. To clarify, the trailer will be large enough to carry your golf bags as well as your luggage. Finally, this is a great way to save money, instead of hiring a large luxury coach.

    Is coach hire better?

    Finally, we've created this quick bonus luxury bus hire Cape Town tips for you to refer to at any time.

    For one thing, this beautiful City has so much to offer for any Traveler. A point often overlooked, is that there’s a perception that Cape Town coach hire services is expensive. Yet, there is so much you can do to get great value out of your tour experience. So, use these following insider private coach hire bonus tips to receive great value for all your tours.

    Best bonus tips when booking our coach hire Cape Town tour services

    • By all means, ask for a discount. Indeed, it is a known fact that coach hire Cape Town companies need tours to keep the bus wheels turning. However, where possible a reduced coach rental price is provided.

    • Additionally, make sure you’ve worked out your itinerary route prior to sending it to the bus company in Cape Town. If unsure, ask one of our coach hire Consultants to assist you with optimizing your itinerary. You will save quite a bit of money.

    • It must be remembered, that you should choose an adequate sized coach rental for your tour group. For the simple reason that, you do not want luggage overflow issues.

    • To point out, you should always opt for a coach stay over option when you travel for distances longer than 250 kilometers. This is a cost-effective option, since a drop-off and pick-up option is way more expensive.

    • Quite honestly, it is in your best interest to book early. Optimally, you should book your coach charter services months in advance to the peak season (September – April).

    Is coach hire better?

    In conclusion: bus hire in Cape Town offers a variety of choices and caters for many tour budgets

    Firstly, we know choosing a suitable bus hire option can be daunting. Secondly, you should aim for finding the most luxury coach charter fit, that will actually suit your budget. Finally, aim for an above average bus company in Cape Town. They must provide late-model luxury coaches with excellent bus service standards. Finding busses to rent in Cape Town has just become easier.

    We have lots more details on this subject: you can read about our coach hire services in Cape Town, airport transfers and bus rental fleet options. We’ve also provided a short explanation on local coach hire prices in Cape Town.

    Read more: COACH HIRE Cape Town Prices: a detailed rates guide »

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