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Bus Hire Companies in Cape Town

As a customer, you can choose from a list of bus hire companies in Cape Town. Having said that, the greater Western Cape has more luxury coach options to offer as well. Furthermore, many a bus company in Cape Town offers great service to customers. However, what is promised and what is delivered can sometimes be worlds apart. To confirm, after 20 years in the luxury coach rental industry, we’ve seen our competitors take great care to maintain their coaches. Sadly, others have not. Most importantly, a client should know exactly what coach hire size they require, and the associated bus rental prices. In so doing, they will do well to secure affordable coach hire services for their tour.

Understanding Safety Standards

When planing to hire a bus, quality and experience counts

Firstly, the bus hire companies in Cape Town compete on a variety of aspects. But, a customer should never compromise on safety standards. When you plan to hire a coach, quality and tour driver experience should be high on the list. Having said that, there are much more factors that are important, but these are pivotal.

It is important how coach rental companies in Cape Town maintain their luxury coach fleet

To demonstrate, the list below depicts the vital maintenance checks and balances to adhere to:

  • coach inspection before being dispatched from depot

  • post tour check-up and receive tour driver report on any mechanical concerns

  • if any, the fleet controller immediately schedules repairs and maintenance

  • further to this, the regular coach maintenance and servicing takes place at the bus manufacturer

To be honest, Scania has a thorough servicing standard in place for all their luxury coaches with world class maintenance policies and procedures. Having said that, you can have utmost confidence if you are touring in one of the 52 seater luxury coach rental in Cape Town.

In addition, luxury bus manufacturer Irizar South Africa’s maintenance and servicing division also has an incredibly high standard. To explain, the Irizar i6, i6s and i8 luxury coach models are superb vehicles. Indeed, these buses operate on a continual basis. So, when planning to opt for an i6 or i8 rental, keep this in mind. Therefore, they require the utmost of care.

Bus rental services in Cape Town

Understanding the services of general bus charter companies in Cape Town

To explain, the bus charter companies in Cape Town offers similar services. For the most part, bus operators have their coach fleet ready to move on a daily basis. So, there’s no shortage of busses to rent in Cape Town. However, you must keep in mind that many a bus company keep their older model luxury coaches in great condition. Meanwhile, other tour bus companies ensure that their fleet is renewed every 10 to 15 years. Ultimately, whether the coach is old or new, customers expect excellent bus hire services.

Semi-luxury bus charter companies in Cape Town and their coaches for rent

To confirm, their are around 15 to 20 coach charter companies in Cape Town. Moreover, a small percentage of them have semi luxury coach rentals in their fleet. However, these particular vehicles are mainly available to provide service to tour groups who have budget constraints. As an illustration, a semi luxury coach should not be rejected since it has all the necessary amenities which tour groups may require. As a matter of fact, we have provided these semi luxury coaches to transport international clients from Iceland, Switzerland, Egypt and Nigeria to name a few. So, should you have a budget constraint we suggest you consider the semi-luxury coach.

Features to be expected in a semi luxury coach rental option

The semi-luxury coach is just as good as a luxury coach. Some of the features are similar.

  • as a matter of fact, there are ample seats available, 60 seats

  • to illustrate, the padded non-reclining seats are spacious and comfortable

  • notably, the seating configuration is mostly 3 x 2 (3 seats on one side and 2 on the other)

  • worth mentioning, is the air-conditioning unit fitted on the coach to keep folks cool

  • lastly, seat belts are available for each passenger

General semi luxury coach hire prices in Cape Town

A semi-luxury coach as a bus hire option is very affordable. To elaborate, this coach type is popular among school and sports groups looking to keep their bus hire pricing budget in check. For example, semi-luxury coach rental prices for a full day tour is around R 4,500.00 to R 5,500.00. By contrast, the 60 seater conference coach price is about 10% to 15% more than this.

Ultra luxury coach charter companies and their fleet options

Consider as an illustration, luxury coach charter companies in Cape Town usually have the following coach sizes in their fleet. Evidently, there is a coach hire size for every event:

Features to be expected in a luxury coach option

  • for one thing, there are ample seats available, 52 – 56 seats

  • for the same reason, the padded reclining seats are luxurious and comfortable

  • thankfully, these luxury vehicles have air-conditioning and heating systems

  • to be exact, above each seat are individual reading lights while night traveling

  • last but not least, there are cup holders available behind each seat

Furthermore, these additional luxurious features are available on the touring coach:

  • minimal window tint for those hot summer sun rays

  • blinds or curtains available for those longer travel distances when you require a nap

  • additionally, there is sufficient overhead parcel shelves are there, to stow your rucksack or laptop

  • on the whole, a PA system with a microphone

  • Radio, DVD and CD player with USB support

  • without exception, an onboard refrigerator to keep drinks cold

  • obviously, a readily available emergency toilet with wash basin

  • finally, two entrance boarding points available on some coach models

General luxury coach hire prices in Cape Town

Notably, a luxury touring coach is considered to be a flagship bus of premium quality. Understandably, the misconception is that the bus hire rates for these luxury coaches are quite expensive. However, the price range of these luxury coaches are between R 5,500.00 and R 8,550.00. Furthermore, this is dependent on service hours and kilometers to be traveled.

Minibus charter companies in the Western Cape

In brief, in Cape Town you will find a minimal amount of minibus rental companies. Additionally, most of them do just that, rent out their vans to clients who will drive it themselves, namely the self-drive option. However, the traditional minibus hire and rental option in the tourism industry, means that this option comes with an experienced tour driver. It is important to note, that for our international client this is very critical. For example, traveling to an unknown location requires an experienced tour driver. To emphasize, local tour drivers understand the Western Cape’s roads. As mentioned before, we provide a service that instills confidence in our customers.

Minibus hire types in Cape Town

On the whole, we’ve had customers ask about the details of the minibus, on which a bus hire quote was provided. Surprisingly, mostly international clients think that because South Africa is in Africa, that the coach will be old, dirty and wretched. To confirm, this is quite the contrary. In fact, we receive many bookings on the 17 seater coach rentals and 21 seater minibus hire options in Cape Town. To be exact, these luxury minibuses have most of the comforts and amenities to be expected. Furthermore, there is also a low-budget option, namely the semi-luxury minibus rental.

Features of a semi-luxury minibus hire vehicle

To sum up, the semi-luxury minibus hire option has between 15 and 21 seats for traveling passengers. Moreover, this coach is not luxury but is ideal for local transfers. Essentially, sports and school tour groups make use of this option, since they are only traveling short distances. A strong distinction, on this semi-luxury minibus while comparing it to the luxury minibus rental, is the non-reclining seats. The cost saving for not having reclining seats is so worth it. However, it has seat belts and air-conditioning. This vehicle is a great choice!

Features of a luxury minibus hire vehicle

In contrast, the features of the luxury minibus rental option includes the following:

  • there are spacious seats available, 15 – 21 seats

  • essentially, the reclining seats are cloth padded and are luxurious and comfortable

  • thankfully, each seat has seat belts and arm rests

  • this luxury minibus vehicle have air-conditioning and heating system

General minibus rental prices in Cape Town

Despite the fact that, a few bus charter companies in Cape Town have minibus rental options. However, the rental prices are affordable. A typical minibus rental price on a general tour in Cape Town can range between R 3,200.00 and R 3,900.00 depending on local service required.

Private vs Public Transport in Cape Town

Public transport bus hire companies in Cape Town

Evidently, there are many bus companies in Cape Town servicing various sectors of the transport industry. To explain, you will find the general commuter bus services as well as the Bus Rapid Transport system. Notably, a good example of such a system is the My Citi Commuter Bus Service. Additionally, Golden Arrow Bus Services mostly handles the workforce of Cape Town, getting people to work and back. If you have time, you can view some fascinating images of their 150 year history since 1861.

A quick overview of Commuter Bus Companies

Next, a quick overview of Golden Arrow and My Citi Bus Companies.

Golden Arrow Bus Service Company

As mentioned, GABS mostly services the workforce of Cape Town. In fact, they provide transport within the city as well as the greater southern and northern suburbs of Cape Town. Generally, very affordable since they meet the basic need of transport to the masses. Further to this, the timetables are efficiently planned with passenger convenience in mind.

Frequently, this bus company receives requests, since the public also think they are Arrow coaches bus hire. However, Golden Arrow does not have any luxury coaches in its fleet. Sadly, the public wold be limited to general commuter busses should they stick with them.

My Citi Bus Service

The My Citi BRT system has many positives for public transport commuters. Below, you will find a quick list of the benefits to be enjoyed when using their service:

  • the bus service is safe

  • furthermore, they are reliable with more 90% of buses being on time

  • in fact, information updates and schedules are readily available

  • notably, My Citi is easily accessible across the City of Cape Town and suburbs

  • additionally, the wheelchair friendly buses make it easy for passengers who require this access

  • most importantly, it is convenient and affordable.

To be honest, if you are traveling to Cape Town and planning to stay for a month or two, the My Citi option is ideal. By comparison, the My City service is perhaps more suited for a long stay. Whereas, when you discover what the coach and bus rental price is for a longer period, it would make sense to use My City. Moreover, you will be able to move around the City in an efficient way. To conclude, the My Citi pay as you go option is a great place to start.

In Conclusion

First of all, if you don’t utilize our service, always ensure your cape town bus company choice has the necessary quality luxury coaches available. Secondly, it’s important to focus on the bus companies’ maintenance and servicing standards. Thirdly, make sure that the bus rental company you are planning to use, provides an enthusiastic 24 hour support service. Most importantly, they must practice absolute great service. Lastly, a great tip is to always request confirmation of all your services. This must be done prior to your tour commencement to ensure that the bus company has all your correct travel plans. Finally, your Cape Town coach hire service will prepared for you, when you and your group arrive.

Are you planning a tour to Cape Town, but need some help with choosing which bus rental companies to book with? Visit our bus hire Cape Town fleet page to begin with. It provides you with insight and options, which will meet your coach rental tour needs. Moreover, learn what the price of a bus is in Cape Town for touring purposes. This way, you educate yourself concerning bus transport companies and what costs can be expected. By and large, make sure you provide a clear day by day itinerary in order to receive a close to budget bus hire quote. We’re here to assist you every step of the way. You can also send us a quick email to