Implement these insightful tips. Save yourself headaches and unnecessary stress.

Use these tours and buses quick tips to your advantage and get the best out of your next luxury coach charter tour in Cape Town

In the tours and buses industry, we have 20 years of luxury bus charter industry experience. To clarify, we’ve learned and gleaned many insightful bus tours tips. As a result, we’ve gained great foresight as to how to get the most out of your Cape Town luxury bus hire and tour itinerary. So, we’ve decided to compile all of these tweet-sized pro tips for your use and implementation. It’s about giving you this information upfront, so that you don’t need to waste time and money. It’s also about looking out for you and your bus tour group. Finally, ensure that you keep these tips in mind and use it to your benefit.

Firstly, you (or your tour Group) might be traveling to Cape Town or the Western Cape for the first time. So, where do you start and what’s best? To clarify, every tourist wants to see all of Cape Town, and cover as much sightseeing as possible. Further to this, there are always great ways to experience your tour. Finally, we wish to show you all the great tips when touring Cape Town..

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Neat and Clean Coaches Wins the Day

Tip #1: Check that the coach charter company will dispatch a late-model luxury coach for your bus booking. In Cape Town the tours and buses on offer should be relevant and fresh

The most vital features of a late-model luxury coach in Cape Town

Most importantly, Cape Town’s summer is really hot with an amazing, buzzing and enjoyable atmosphere. Therefore, while doing your luxury bus tour in Cape Town, the coach you are traveling in, must have a strong air-conditioning unit. Worth mentioning, is the fact that late-model luxury coaches have more newer and relevant features than older tour buses. Finally, comfortable, reclining seats with seat belts should be non-negotiable. A tour company offering a private bus service for travel, should know what international standards are expected by Customers.

Considering a luxury coach company for your bus bookings? See what a premium luxury coach looks like >>

Communication is key

Tip #2: Always ensure that you communicate any important points with the professional Tour Driver before you start any of your day bus tours

Communicating with the Tour Driver adds to your coach travel success

Notably, whether you or your professional Tour Guide communicates with the Tour Driver, it somehow smooths out the day. Moreover, this exercise irons out any gaps in the plan for the tour for that day. Additionally, there may have been a change that may have been decided upon, and not updating the Tour Driver about it could send him and the tour Passengers in the wrong way. Therefore, where possible and where time permits, always connect with the Tour Driver. So, whether you have booked a luxury shuttle service or general bus hire, your tours will run smoothly.

Professional Tour Drivers want to be updated for the luxury bus service to be rendered. Therefore, always communicate clearly to ensure all your bus bookings run without a hitch.

Beautiful Winelands

Tip #3: By all means, book your Winelands tour wine tasting estates in advance for large tour groups. In so doing, the Wine Estate will be prepared for you on arrival

Preparing your Winelands tours and buses for wine tasting appointments just makes things run smoother

Although, most Wine Estates do accept walk-ins on a typical tour day, there are others who insist on a booking. To explain, this is done to not only monitor their capacity to handle coach tour groups, but also to be better prepared. Moreover, having your tour group move from wine estate to wine estate because they’ve did not make a booking, is both frustrating and disappointing. So, ask us and will set up and confirm your Winelands wine tasting bookings.

Three Wine Estates to visit is a good number on a normal Winelands day tour. Always book in advance.

7th Wonder of Nature

Tip #4: While planning your Cape Town tours and buses itinerary, ensure that your bus to Table Mountain is scheduled during the off-peak cable car slots

Plan your Table Mountain shuttle bus transfer well and avoid the worst queues at the cable car

Firstly, Table Mountain Cable Way moves around 800 Tourists per hour and 6000 Tourists per day during Peak Tour Season in Cape Town. Mostly, before lunch time and after lunch time the cable way is buzzing and very busy. The best window is in the morning. So, if you can plan to tick Table Mountain off your Cape Town bus tour itinerary list, do so in the morning until before lunch time. As a result, your luxury shuttle service to Table Mountain will be a dream instead of a frustrating experience.

Bus tour Agencies planning tours to Cape Town are mostly aware of the Table Mountain congestion. Therefore, whichever professional bus company you book your luxury coach with, ensure that they advise you accordingly.

Cross Check all costs

Tip #5: While communicating with the various bus charter companies in Cape Town be sure to verify all luxury coach hire prices and avoid unnecessary surprises

Make sure that you check the bus hire quote and that all aspects concerning your bus tour has been covered

Usually, bus tour agencies and tourist Customers blindly accept their bus hire quote from bus charter companies in Cape Town. However, they do this without checking whether toll fees, airport parking fees or other general tour costs are included. As a result, when the tour commences they are surprised with on the day tour costs which was not budgeted for. Moreover, additional cash should be available to cover those costs. Therefore, it is advisable to cross check the bus hire quote for your Cape Town tour before booking and confirming it.

Firstly, avoid unnecessary problems and check those coach rental rates with the bus company. Secondly, take the time to understand how the local coach hire pricing structure works in Cape Town. Finally, ask any questions as they come to mind concerning your Western Cape Tour.