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Firstly, Bus Hire Cape Town was designed and established on the idea that Tourists and Customers deserve better…way better. Therefore, we believe a Customers’ respect is earned. So, we’re always pushing the boundary on how bus tour services are provided. Our MISSION is to be obsessive and passionate about how our Customers experience their bus charter tours. It must be delightfully memorable. We focus on providing  luxury coach charters with excellent service. It’s one of the least focused ideals in our industry, and that is our opportunity. We’re enthusiastic to gracefully provide above expectation cost saver bus tours, through our knowledge, experience and foresight.

We work incredibly hard and less intrusively behind the scenes, in order to earn our Customers' respect.

We've serviced the best

We're privileged.

Notably, it is an honour to have provided bus tours and luxury coach rental services to these prestigious Clients. Of course, there are many more, but would be too much to mention here. Ultimately, we are grateful to them as well. There’s one common thread. We always ensure that we’re outshining everyone else with stellar service standards. We don’t just provide a bus with a Tour Driver. We provide the experience, the culture, the sweet memory and everything else in between.

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