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January 25, 2022
January 25, 2022 Staff

Best Travel Accessories While on a Cape Town Tour Bus

Firstly, when traveling on a Cape Town tour bus you have to be prepared. Especially, if you are planning to travel a long distance. For example, traveling from Cape Town to Kynsna is quite a long distance. In that instance, you want to ensure that you are comfortable and have all the accessories to make your trip pleasant. Additionally, the luxury coach which you’re traveling on will have all the comfortable features you need. To list a few comfort features, padded reclining seats with arm rests and a cup holder all add to your experience. Therefore, for Traveller who have not toured Cape Town before, can cause a bit of uncertainty. However, by preparing for your Cape Town tour you will do well. Having the right travel accessories with you will make your Cape Town and Garden Route tour much more pleasant and comfortable.

These are the best and useful travel accessories to take along on your Cape Town tour bus. To explain, if you are traveling between Cape Town and George, the distance is 420 kilometers (261 miles). Essentially, the tour bus rental in Cape Town provides all the luxury features you will require. Nevertheless, we list the helpful tour bus travel accessories when touring Cape Town and the Western Cape.

"Travel accessories are like additional extras that you bring along, in order to make your local or long distance tour more comfortable. Make provision for these items."

Bus Hire Cape Town Charter Manager

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Thankfully, after a long day of touring you can either just enjoy the scenic drive back to the hotel, or listen to your favourite music. To explain, most times the Tour Guide may stop his commentary for the trip back to the hotel. Either, he will instruct the Tour Driver to play relaxing music. However, you will then have a choice to enjoy your own taste of music. Moreover, you will remove any ambient noise as a result.

When traveling by tour bus in the Western Cape

A point often overlooked, is that some tour groups have an itinerary with long distances. For instance, traveling with a Cape Town shuttle hire to your hotel on the Garden Route is quite a distance. As such, you noise cancelling headphones will keep you entertained with your personal choice of podcast, music or movies. Having said that, sometimes Tour Guides are not on the traveling on the coach with you since that service is not required. In summary, noise cancelling headphones can help you to separate noise distractions while traveling on the tour bus. Remember to pack these and bring it on your tour.

2. Personal Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Another key point, is that being connected while traveling is vitally important. Having said that, work commitments or Family commitments require responses while you’re traveling. On the other hand, you may want to keep posting images of your exciting tour bus travels to your social media channels. Essentially, having your personal wi-fi hotspot makes your tour more exciting and pleasant since you’re connected. Worth mentioning, while traveling through areas without wi-fi availability, it could cause frustrations. However, having your own wi-fi hotspot makes you feel assured that you are always connected.

Do tour buses in Cape Town offer wi-fi onboard?

Quite frankly, there are some bus companies in Cape Town that offer wi-fi onboard their coaches. However, these are few and far between at the moment. Moreover, Western Cape bus hire options lack this wonderful feature, since the technology is not that readily as yet. On the negative side, if it is available it is quite an expensive premium for Client’s to pay. But, very soon our tour bus charter industry will be ready with affordable onboard wi-fi service.

3. Local Sim Card

Quite frankly, upon your arrival at Cape Town International Airport you can quickly obtain a local sim card. By doing so, you will access the low call and data rates of South Africa. On the positive side, you will be connected with Friends and Family while traveling. On the negative side, you may be missing calls on your own local number from your home country. Worth mentioning, in South Africa, we have three main Service Providers. To name them, they are Vodacom, Cell C and MTN. However, there are many more Service Providers to choose from but these are main options.

An alternative global sim card option in South Africa

Notably, there is a global sim card offering from Flexiroam. Surprisingly, their data and call costs are affordable. However, the main purpose of this global sim card offer is to ensure that you remain connected while traveling abroad. Thankfully, you can connect while touring South Africa, while keeping your existing number intact. No need to change to numbers or mess with your phone settings.  Most importantly, you have roaming availability in 100+ countries. So, place your order here and have it sent to your hotel. It will be ready when you arrive.

4. Universal Travel Adapter

For one thing, there is nothing more annoying than arriving at your hotel room to discover incompatible plugs. However, a power adapter is a necessity when traveling internationally. Most importantly, your international travel adapter must match the local voltage of that country. For example, in South Africa a standard voltage of 230 Volts and 50Hz is used. Therefore, your travel adapter must be compatible with this voltage. Although, you will not be able to use your travel adapter on the tour bus. You may need to use it a local restaurant or restroom while on your tour. There may be a need for it, and as such you will have it with you. Don’t leave home without it.

5. Portable Battery Pack for your Mobile Devices

Generally speaking, we are all dependent on our mobile devices. As such, we are on a back foot when we lose power to our devices. All things considered, you need your mobile device charging optimally. Having said that, whether you are in business or simply need to stay in touch with Family, you need to be connected. Given these points, our use of our mobile devices most times exceed between 4 – 6 hours. Others spend more time on their devices because of various reasons.

It is a known fact, that Travelers use their mobile devices throughout their tour experience. For the most part, Travelers post to their social media channels, responds to texts and emails. By and large, you should always travel with a good portable battery pack to charge your devices. In summary, cameras, laptops and other devices can be charge while you are traveling in the luxury tour bus in Cape Town. Further to this, you can purchase a unit locally in Cape Town if you have not brought one with you.

6. Comfortable Neck Pillow to use on Charter Tour Coach

Indeed, traveling long distances in a charter tour bus can be somewhat uncomfortable. This being said, only if the tour bus does not have adequate luxury features. However, the luxury coach rentals we offer have reclining seats with arm rests. Ultimately, you can take your comfort and relaxation to another level, by bringing along a neck pillow. To explain, a neck pillow holds your neck and head in place as you nod off. Taking a nap in a luxury coach is part of the experience. For example, driving from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town is an approximate 8-10 hour trip by chartered coach. By all means, the neck pillow will support your neck and head in a comfortable position. Over the years, we’ve seen our international Passenger tour groups travel with a few neck pillows. In summary, we suggest that you invest in one if you have not already. It will be well worth it.


Most importantly, having helpful travel accessories with you on your tour bus will help make your trip pleasant. Remember, pack light and prepare well. Additionally, being organized with all your travel necessities will go a long way while on your tour. For example, your sleep neck pillow and face mask help you to catch a quick snooze in between those long distances. Your adequately charge  headphones and mobile devices will keep you entertained, while taking in the scenery as your travel.

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