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February 3, 2022
February 3, 2022 Staff

Tips on How to Survive (and Enjoy) a Long Distance Coach Rental Tour Bus Trip in the Western Cape

Generally speaking, a luxury coach rental tour bus has all the necessary features for a long trip. In reality, the chartered luxury coach should help to make you comfortable and give you a pleasant trip. On the contrary, traveling a long distance from Cape Town to Knsyna is a 6 hour trip by coach. As such, the road will long and tedious. However, the coach rental tour bus will absorb most of the road’s bumpy spots. Essentially, you can prepare for your long distance Western Cape coach rental tour. Preparation will minimize any frustration that might arise. We want to help make your tour more enjoyable. Therefore, use these easy tips on your next long distance bus rental tour in the Western Cape.

Are you planning to hire a small minibus with a Tour Driver to tour the Garden Route and Cape Town? For example, your tour itinerary can be best carried out by an experienced Tour Driver. Moreover, the minibus hire prices in the Western Cape include the services of an professional Tour Driver. What’s more, you have a variety of minibus coach sizes to choose from. We’re here to help you make your tour a resounding success.

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Bus Hire Cape Town Charter Manager

1. Pack Light. Travel Light

Firstly, to travel light, you have to pack light. Essentially, most Tour Groups advise their Travelers to have only one medium to large luggage piece and a carry-on bag. Having said that, we’ve welcomed thousands of tour groups at airport across South Africa. As such, we’ve seen the coach rental tour bus overflow with luggage. To explain, the under-carriage of the coach charter accommodates all the Passengers bags. However, if a few Passengers have extra luggage it can cause the under carriage to overflow. Therefore, some baggage is moved inside the coach onto seats and so forth. Moreover, it is a challenge to keep dragging all your luggage behind you, between the coach and hotels. This adds an unnecessary burden while you are touring. Therefore, it is best practice to travel and pack light.

2. Dress Comfortably when traveling in your Western Cape Coach Rental Tour Bus

As an illustration, experiencing the Cape Peninsula in a coach rental tour bus is mostly an 8 hour day. To be clear, it is an approximate 250 kilometer tour (155 miles) in one day. Therefore, being comfortable is of utmost importance. As such, wearing comfortable clothing is vitally important to your entire experience. For example, Tour Groups wear shorts, loose trousers and sneakers. Moreover, cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts keep you cool in those hot Cape Town summer days. On the other hand, if it is a cooler day having a loose fitting jacket will also go a long way to keep you warm.

3. Invest in a Neck Pillow

It must be remembered, that luxury tour coaches have high-backed reclining seats. However, there are always ways to increase your comfort when coach touring. Having said that, to avoid neck pains and lower-back discomfort, a neck pillow will help you. In addition, the luxury coach reclining seats are soft and offer some back support. Furthermore, when traveling from Cape Town to Knysna for example, a neck pillow will be great for your neck. The travel distance to Knysna in a coach rental is approximately 450 kilometers (280 miles). As such, a neck pillow will help you to be comfortable if you were to take a quick nap or to simply relax.

4. Pack Sufficient Bottled Water on your Western Cape Long Distance Coach Rental Tour Bus

Generally speaking, the Cape Town and Western Cape weather is hot in summer, as well as Spring. Therefore, as a common practice we offer 500ml bottled water to keep our Passengers hydrated. Essentially, this goes for both local and long distance coach rental travels in the Western Cape. Moreover, we also offer our Passengers energy producing snacks to keep them refreshed for the tour day. Additionally, we also assist our Tour Groups with suggestions (or bookings) for lunch appointments during their long distance trip. In summary, on a typical long distance trip we suggest having at least two 500ml bottles of water with you.

5. Pack Healthy Snacks and Refreshments

Firstly, touring around Cape Town and the Garden Route takes a certain amount of energy. Having said that, our Tour Groups works up an appetite very quickly.  Given these points, we usually prearrange a lunch appointment for our Tour Group. As such, after two or three activities it is lunch time and their appetite is ready to be satisfied. For the most part, the coach rental tour bus will have bottled water onboard. But, having healthy snacks and refreshments onboard will go a long way to keep you energized. For example, fruits, nuts, healthy crisps and muffins will help to keep your energy levels up. On the other hand, oily foods and snacks could work against you while on tour. In summary, we offer snack packs and refreshments for your tour. Essentially, you can enquire with us at info@bushirecapetown.co.za for snacks and water refreshments.

6. Rest Stops are Important on Long Distance Luxury Coach Charter Trips in the Western Cape

Ordinarily, while traveling the Tour Guide will make stops at the various sightseeing appointments. However, what is to be done while traveling a long distance. Although, the luxury coach has an onboard emergency toilet. As such, that is what it is for, emergencies. In addition, the Tour Driver makes routine stops when on a long distance trip. Usually, this is done in communication between the Tour Driver and Tour Group Leader. Oftentimes, there are Travelers who are older and who need a decent stretch of legs. Not forgetting, the use of toilet facilities. Having said that, a proper rest stop is welcome and is very important. Make use of this stop to its maximum. For example, shake and stretch your legs, take in the beautiful. Additionally, taking in some fresh air does wonders. A long bus charter trip must be equally seasoned with decent rest stops. Speak to one of our coach rental tour bus Consultants who can help you with your coach tour planning.

7. Sit in the Seat which Suits you Best

The first thing to remember, is that finding the right seat in the luxury coach is a big deal. To explain, if you prefer to be close to the front of the coach, by all means take your best seat. Having said that, some Tour Passengers prefer to be close to the Tour Guide up front of the tour coach. On the other hand, some Travelers prefer to be close the emergency onboard toilet. Having said that, on some luxury coach models, the emergency toilet is located in them middle of the coach. On other models, the emergency toilet is situated towards the end of the coach.

8. When Traveling Long Distances by Coach Charter Bring an Eye Mask

Expressly, you may want to take a quick nap after traveling and touring the Cape in a luxury coach charter for several days. For this purpose, an eye mask can help to block out your environment. As a result, you will be able to take a quick nap and charge up your energy levels. Over the years, we’ve done sports coach hire tour groups, choirs and so much more. To explain, they travel across South Africa for long distances at a time. As such, they had neck pillows and eye masks to make their trip more comfortable. In essence, the eye mask will help you fall asleep quicker than if you didn’t have one. Furthermore, it would help if you have noise cancelling earplugs (or earphones). For instance, you can then block out loud noises of the road, fellow tour Passengers and the coach itself. To summarize, combining an eye mask and earplugs will get you to your rest quicker, in order to feel energized again.

In Conclusion

To conclude, we trust that these tips will help you prepare for a long distance trip. Essentially, the Garden Route in the Western Cape is quite a stretch to travel. Moreover, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy a pleasant experience with us. As such, our Western Cape coach hire service can include bottled water and refreshing snacks. We strive to increase safety measures and comfort when you travel with us.

We welcome you to contact us regarding your Western Cape coach charter and tours. Do you need help in the other regions in South Africa? We have operations in Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Send us a quick mail to info@bushirecapetown.co.za in order to receive a quotation accordingly.