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January 20, 2022
January 20, 2022 Staff

Rent a Minibus with a Tour Driver in Cape Town. Discover your Best Options

To rent a minibus in Cape Town with a Tour Driver is not expensive. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy great comfort and luxury in a minibus rental to tour in the Western Cape. In essence, all you require are safe and comfortable seats, air-conditioning, and a fridge or cooler. Moreover, for airport arrivals (and departures), a trailer large enough to carry your luggage is provided. Having said that, minibus rental prices in Cape Town for local tours are cost effective. Let’s take a look at what mini bus options are available for you.

Are you planning to hire a small minibus with a Tour Driver to tour the Garden Route and Cape Town? For example, your tour itinerary can be best carried out by an experienced Tour Driver. Moreover, the minibus hire prices in the Western Cape include the services of an professional Tour Driver. What’s more, you have a variety of minibus coach sizes to choose from. We’re here to help you make your tour a resounding success.

"Touring the Cape in a luxurious minibus rental with private Chauffeur, is conducive for small Family or Corporate tour Groups. Ideal for spur of the moment tours and visiting hidden gems in the Western Cape."

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Rent a Minibus for a Luxury Tour Group in Cape Town

When to hire a luxury minibus for your tour of the Western Cape

Most importantly, a luxury minibus rental is superb for a Garden Route tour. However, when you tour locally a luxury minibus may not be necessary. That is to say, any Passenger transport bus hire trip longer than 200 kilometers, calls for comfort. For examples, a luxury mini bus. Another key point, is that a comfortable minibus has all the tour features to be expected. Worth mentioning, is that there are semi-luxury minibuses with Drivers to rent in Cape Town. In comparison to the luxury minibus, it is similar. But, the luxury option is definitely built for long-distance traveling. To put it another way, for long distance touring you would enjoy the comforts of an onboard fridge. Not forgetting, air-conditioning and reclining seats with arm rests. Having said that, these are the full feature list of the comforts in the luxury option.

  • Between 16 > 21 Seater Mercedes Benz (or VW Crafter) luxury coaches + 1 Driver 

  • Seating: Individual High Back Reclining Seats with Individual Seat Belts

  • Armrests

  • Air conditioning

  • Personal Overhead Lighting

  • Luxurious and Comfortable Interior

  • Onboard Fridge/Cooler Box

  • Sealed/Sliding Windows in order to take photographs of the wildlife if you’re on a safari tour

  • PA System With Microphone

  • CD / Radio

  • Complimentary Trailer provided on Overland and Airport Transfer Days

The Best Time to Rent a Semi-Luxury Minibus for your Cape Town Tour

The best elements of a semi-luxury minibus

Quite frankly, the semi-luxury minibus is quite similar to the luxury minibus rental. For example, the actual coach exterior is the same. On the contrary, the semi-luxury minibus has non-reclining seats with seat belts. Additionally, it is equipped with a music entertainment system. Furthermore, for airport transfers a trailer is provided for your luggage. What’s more, for smaller rucksacks there are overhead shelves in the coach. Therefore, you have ample space available for baggage.

What does it cost to rent a semi luxury minibus in Cape Town for a week?

A point often overlooked, is that you can tour Cape Town and the surrounds on an extremely tight budget. For example, compared to a Cape Town luxury minibus rental with Tour Driver, the semi-luxury mini bus is cheap. Having said that, a local 200 kilometer tour on a semi-luxury option is 20% cheaper than a luxury minibus charter. To explain, to tour for a week in Cape Town for 5 days is affordable. This includes the airport transfers. Essentially, you can expect to pay between R 10,000.00 to R 12,500.00. However, this is all dependent on distance to be traveled. Either way, you can set your itinerary to match your budget.

What does it cost to rent a semi luxury minibus in Cape Town for a day?

Surprisingly, to rent a semi-luxury minibus in Cape Town for a day is affordable. For example, a Winelands tour in a minibus rental with a tour Driver ranges between R 3,500.00 to R 4,500.00.

What does it cost to rent a semi luxury minibus for a Cape Town airport shuttle?

Comparatively, a Cape Town airport minibus shuttle ranges between R 1,800.00 to R 2,550.00. This is dependent on distance and pick up time. However, we work hard in order to keep the minibus rental prices low.

Rent a Minibus from Cape Town International Airport

Easy minibus shuttle service from Cape Town International Airport

It must be remembered that, Cape Town International Airport is a mere 25 minutes outside of the City Center. Therefore, you can reach your hotel promptly after a long haul flight. However, during the peak traffic times you may discover that added travel time must be prepared for. Furthermore, Cape Town Airport has done well for Travelers in recent years. Having said that, in preparation for the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup, the airport was revamped substantially. As a result, you can now easily access your minibus charter coach. To explain, there is a dedicated Passenger pick up zone outside the old international arrivals. This is a short walking distance from domestic and international arrivals. On the other hand, at departures, your mini bus coach will drop you at the drop and go zone. This is very effective and very efficient. In summary, the minibus is ideal for a Cape Town airport shuttle service to your local hotel.

Do Cape Town Mini Buses have bathrooms?

In essence, a  minibus does not have an onboard emergency toilet. Firstly, when you rent a minibus in Cape Town you are in need of affordable Passenger transport. Secondly, you a small tour group whether it be Family, Friends or a Corporate Group. As such, this is the purpose of a minibus in that it caters for small Passenger group numbers ranging from 7 Passengers up to 22 Passengers.

Why minibuses don’t have onboard toilets

As can be noted, the coach seating configuration ranges from 2 x 1 to 3 seats per row. As a result, it leaves no space for an emergency toilet on the minibus. However, minibus builders like, IVECO, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen and Ford have made up for it. Therefore, luxury features are in oversupply on the small-medium Passenger transportation vehicles.

Popular Minibus Rentals in Cape Town for your Western Cape Tour

It’s important to realize, that a minibus caters for small Groups ranging from 9 to 30 Passengers. However, in the tourism industry we often refer to coaches between 23 and 30 seats as a midi coach. Be that as it may, the popularity of the touring mini buses is far spread. Moreover, we have Clients all across the world who select their perfect minibus fit. They know what they want and what works best for them. Essentially, the minibuses are popular because they are cost-effective yet luxurious. In summary, popular minibus rentals with Tour Drivers in Cape Town varies. These are the 17 seater luxury coach, 19 seater Volkswagen Crafter coach and the 21 seater luxury Mercedes Benz Tourer Sprinter Coach. Essentially, all three of these minibus charters gives you the comfort and luxury you expect.

The Benefits of Hiring a Minibus in Cape Town

Tour together in one luxury coach

For one thing, Family and Friends tour groups can comfortably travel together in this smaller coach. As such, instead of being part of a scheduled tour where everyone are strangers, the minibus is a better option. For this reason, local and international tour groups choose to charter a minibus coach in Cape Town. Furthermore, you have a dedicated Tour Driver who remains with you throughout your tour. As such, you have direct communication with the Tour Driver. Indeed, if you wish to switch activities in your itinerary you can do so easily. Most importantly, Cape Town has many hidden gems. However, not all of them are easily accessible. Moreover, your Cape Town minibus hire choice will help you access those places which larger coaches cannot access.

Minibus Hire with a Tour Driver Professional Driving Permit (PrDP)

A point often overlooked, is that Tour Drivers are professional and experienced. Essentially, it is well worth it to work with a bus company who has professional Tour Drivers. Moreover, a Tour Driver with a PrDP must have the necessary experience in order to carry out your tour successfully. As a result, you will have peace of mind while touring the Western Cape. To explain, in South Africa to obtain a PrDP requires numerous checks and balances. For example, a Tour Driver must be declared medically fit by a medical Doctor. Additionally, the Tour Driver must obtain a South Africa Police Service Clearance. Quite honestly, the Tour Driver has to be cleared by the Police Service for any potential crimes. Therefore, your Tour Driver is medically fit and cleared by the Police Service. You can find the rigorous PrDP application process here.

Enjoy Tremendous Comfort on a Luxury Minibus Rental in Cape Town

Notably, a luxury minibus charter coach has great comforts to be enjoyed. Essentially, when traveling long distances these comforts make your tour enjoyable. These comforts becomes a necessity for your tour.

Reclining seats with armrests

Firstly, a reclining seat helps you to relax while traveling. In addition, the armrest provides that added lounge feeling. To put it another way, while covering long distances you can take a quick nap if needed. Moreover, the reclining seats has a small net pocket at the back of each seat. You can place your smartphone, tablet, books or any small item there to make your journey enjoyable.

Keep cool with the minibus charter air-conditioning unit

Further to this, the strong air-conditioning unit will keep you cool in summer. On the other hand, the heater will warm you up during those cold winter tours of South Africa. However, while on safari in the Garden Route, temperatures can soar. But, the power of the air-conditioning unit keeps the ambient temperature in the mini bus low and comfortable. In comparison to the outside temperature, inside the tour coach you will remain comfortably cool.

Enjoy the mini bus fridge and keep your drinks and snacks chilled

Worth mentioning, the 52 litre fridge keeps your water, drinks and snacks cool during those hot summer days. Moreover, the Tour Driver also keeps the fridge stocked at the start of each tour day. Essentially, you can store up to 40 bottles of water in the fridge. Either way, the minibus luxury charter service has sufficient comforts to make your trip enjoyable.

Enforcing Safety Standards for our Passengers

It’s important to realize, that safety plays a vital role in any tour. For example, an experienced Tour Driver knows the local roads. Additionally, traveling long distance across the Western Cape requires a Tour Driver to practice great safety measures. Essentially, tour Passengers need to feel safe first, BEFORE they can enjoy their tour.

Minibus tour Drivers with a satisfactory safety rating

As mentioned, as a minibus tour Passenger you need to feel safe for the duration of your tour. Therefore, minibus tour Drivers are trained for on the road and roadside safety. Moreover, by South African Road Law a Passenger vehicle carrying Tourists cannot travel faster than 100 km per hour. Therefore, you will spot a sticker with a “100” symbol on the back of the minibus. As a result, Tour Drivers remain compliant and take great care to put his minibus tour Passengers at ease.

Tour Driver minibus driving hours

Most importantly, a tired and overworked minibus tour Driver, is a great risk. Indeed, we do not allow that (and any bus company for that matter). Ultimately, no matter the circumstance a Fleet Controllers never allow a tired Tour Driver behind a wheel. For example, in South Africa a Tour Driver cannot drive in one sitting in excess of 800 kilometers. Thereafter, the services of a Co-Driver is to be employed in order to assist the main Driver. However, we tend to keep that to a minimum of 600 kilometers. Essentially, we adhere to the following strict guidelines:

  • A minibus Tour Driver cannot provide driving services after  a 15 hour shift.

  • Worth clarifying, an on duty Tour Driver means actually driving the minibus and/or waiting in the coach.

  • Additionally, on duty also means performing duties while on tour like record-keeping and minor maintenance. For example, the Tour Driver might need to clean the coach while his Passengers are having lunch.

In summary, the Passengers’ safety as well as the Tour Driver is of utmost importance. Therefore, managing a minibus Tour Drivers’ service hours is critical.

Contingency plans when you rent a minibus in Cape Town

Indeed, every minibus rental Passenger transport company must have a back-up transport plan. Moreover, we have over 20 years experience in Tourist and Passenger transport. As a result, we enjoy the privilege of experience where this is concerned. We’ve refined our contingency plan to enforce Passenger safety in the event of an unforeseen breakdown. In summary, when traveling with a minibus rental company in Cape Town, they must have a safe contingency plan. Thereby, Passengers are not left stranded on the side of the road.

Reliable Cape Town Minibus Charter Service

It must be remembered, that the comfort and success of a tour depends on reliability. Not only is the vehicle reliable, but the service is as well. Indeed, tour Passengers depend on reliability of service. For example, a pick up time provided by you, must adhered to at all costs. We take the matter of reliability very seriously.


Firstly, timekeeping by a minibus tour Driver enforces reliability. By doing this, it instills confidence in our service. To explain, we work with a 1.5 hour preparation time prior to pick up time. Thereby, a minibus tour Driver has ample time to check his vehicle. To explain, wheels, air-conditioning, brakes must be checked prior to the service day. Essentially, the tour Driver is ready for you at least 30 minutes prior to your confirmed pick up time.

Reliable communication and support services

Furthermore, we ensure that communication between the Fleet Controller and minibus tour Driver is clear. For example, our Tour Driver needs to understand your tour program. As such, any sudden deviations to your itinerary can be discussed in advance. Moreover, any changes to the time structure of your tour must be communicated with the Fleet Controller. Having said that, a reliable support service by the bus company is helpful. To summarize, clear communication and great support goes a long way in being a reliable minibus charter service.

We welcome you to contact us about your tour needs. Do you need help in the other regions in South Africa? Check out our affordable coach hire services in South Africa. Send us a quick mail